7 Little Known Traits of a Sagittarius

Dec 16, 2015

Sagittarians are frank, generous and courageous. We know about these positive traits. Sagittarians are careless, superficial, tactless and impatient. We also know about these negative traits. What about little known traits that only Sagittarians are aware of? Those traits are revealed and I’m ready to share some of them with you. They will help you get along with a Sagittarius and understand them better. So, they are…

1 Inconsistent

Sagittarians are great people, but they are inconsistent. You can trust them to do a project or any serious task, but don’t feel disappointed when they won’t accomplish anything. It’s their nature. They have many irons in the fire. They start eagerly but then lose motivation and interest and give up. When dating or marrying a Sagittarius, you should be ready to do many things for them or at least to inspire them to complete the task.

2 Adventurous

Sagittarians appreciate alone time and often prefer to stay home and watch TV instead of partying all night long. Few people know about a Sagittarius’ adventurous nature. Not all Sagittarians are introverted and even if they are, they’re not afraid to take risks. They try new things to keep the life excitement alive.

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3 Inflexible

Making plans with a Sagittarius is like playing a gambling game. They can ask you out on a little coffee date, but at the very last moment tell you that they have another plans. Their interest in relationships, career and hobbies can be short-lived. Sagittarians are independent, which is why they believe they have the right to do whatever they want even if it hurts someone’s feelings.

4 Philosophical

This one is neither positive nor negative trait. One day it can be interesting to chat with a Sagittarius for hours. The next day, you may not know how to get out of the boring conversation with them. They ask too many philosophical questions. They share sometimes smart and sometimes stupid philosophical ideas and thoughts. The deeper questions of the universe are more important to them than the ordinary life problems.

5 Selfish

Sagittarians can easily remove people from their life. They rarely suffer from unrequited love. If they don’t feel your love, they can drop you without regrets. When in a relationship, Sagittarians, particularly men, believe their partners should please them, albeit there are exceptions. Some Sagittarians are truly kind-hearted and empathetic.

6 Over-confident

It’s crucial to be confident, but being over-confident leads to nowhere. Sagittarians are sure that they are always right, they never commit mistakes and they are the best. They don’t accept any critique and run away from those who point out their mistakes. This is a reason why many Sagittarians complain about being unsuccessful. Growth is painful. When you ignore your mistakes and don’t master your skills, your success level will be always low.

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7 Optimistic

One of the best traits of a Sagittarius that most people wish to possess is being optimistic regardless of everything. Sagittarians follow their dreams. They know how to enjoy the smallest things in life and they don’t worry about the problems. They find the good in everything. Overthinking isn’t for them. Sagittarians are so lucky to have such a great trait, aren’t they?

Every one of us has some good and bad traits. We have no right to judge anyone. Despite all the negative traits, Sagittarians are great individuals. Dealing with their complicated temper may be worth the effort in the end. Sagittarians can teach you many valuable life lessons like how to stay positive in a hard situation or how to stop overthinking your troubles. They can teach you to live an exciting life full of adventure and fun moments. Did you ever have to deal with the negative traits of a Sagittarius?