8 Rules to Follow When Dating a Capricorn

Jan 22, 2016

Capricorns have plenty of positive and negative qualities that come to them naturally so changing any of their traits is a formidable challenge. Dating a Capricorn is a mixed blessing. You have to cope with their stubbornness, but at the same time you realize how happy you are. Capricorns are devoted and honest. Cheating isn’t for them, albeit there are some exceptions. If you are going to date a Capricorn or even to tie knot with them, here are a few love rules to keep in mind.

1 Appreciate their goals

Whatever goal a Capricorn sets, they don’t stop until they achieve it. Capricorns never build or stay in relationships with partners that don’t support them. If you don’t like your Capricorn’s goals, don’t try to prevent them from reaching it, otherwise your relationship will have no future at all.

2 Stay involved in their success

Most Capricorns are successful by nature. If your partner is one of them, make sure you share their achievements and appreciate their efforts. Do it sincerely. Capricorns can’t stand indifference and lie. You will capture their heart only if you’re genuinely happy for and proud of them.

3 Don’t rush

Capricorns are old-fashioned and shy. When they start a relationship, they strive to go through all the stages of it like flirting, night talks, long walks, and road trips before leaping into bed with a partner. They avoid hook-ups and break up with partners that put sex above all other feelings and activities in life.

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4 Don’t be lazy

Since Capricorns are hardworking personalities, they have trouble communicating with lazy people. They simply can’t understand how so many people spend most of their free time sleeping and watching TV. If you tend to be lazy and like when someone does your work for you, you and your Capricorn have no future.

5 Know how to manage money

Capricorns aren’t greedy, but if you spend their money (or your money) on trifles, they will start teaching you how to save and spend. As someone who once was in a relationship with a Capricorn, I know how small-minded and meticulous they can be. The problem is, Capricorns tend to be financially secure and financial prosperity is one of their priorities.

6 Ditch parties

Capricorns are unbearable homebodies. Whether they are introverts or it’s just their nature, they love to stay home… all the time. If you love parties, you will have to limit your party time. Instead, plan some romantic activities to try with your Capricorn at home. Be it a romantic dinner, a movie night, or a romantic talk, your homebody will love it.

7 Appreciate family values

Capricorns value their families more than their partners. If you don’t appreciate your partner’s family values or you don’t care about your own ones, it’s best to look for another partner. Capricorns never get married with partners who give no heed to family traditions and values. If you’re looking for a devoted partner and a family person, a Capricorn is a perfect match for you.

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8 Be romantic

It may take great creativity, care, forethought, and time to be genuinely romantic. Capricorns are romantic by nature so it’s easy for them to be romantic. If you are not, then it’s time to learn a few romantic gestures to really win your Capricorn’s heart. Surprise them at work and take them out to a tasty lunch, a romantic dinner, or take-out meals in the park.

Capricorns are picky and a bit commanding, yet they make great partners. Be truthful with them, and they will never betray you. You don’t have to make drastic changes to capture your Capricorn’s heart, but sometimes love requires sacrifices. I’m sure your Capricorn is ready for everything to make you happy.