An Open Letter to Those Who Never Settle

To whomever it may concern: Humans are the ultimate masochists, don’t you think? Time and again, we accept jobs we loathe, we tolerate people who make us think less of ourselves, and we choose complacency in a vast universe rather than be proactive. I have always wondered why it is that so many people are terrified of changes and failures.

But to those of us who will never settle, I am reaching out to you today. I wanted to let you know that when the odds are stacked against you, and you feel as if it may be time to fall into the rut of routine and familiarity, do not do it. Continue to look beyond the ease of doing the same thing day in and out. Continue to live the life you dreamed, however unconventional and unorthodox it may be.

Keep looking

As Steve Jobs said, “If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.” Never settling means giving up certain comforts. Never settling means braving the storm and weathering the aftershock.

Never settling means learning to become independent and self-sufficient, to have a resolve so unwavering that your dreams are no longer simply visions but something tangible.

Never settling means that someday, somewhere, you will indeed find happiness. Even if the dots are not lined up perfectly right now, you are moving without strings attached. You are your own master, and no one is going to stop your pursuit of greatness.

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Settling is not for everyone

Remember, settling may good for some people, but settling isn’t for everyone. If the idea of buying a house, laying down roots, and becoming stuck somewhere is as detestable as the word “moist” is for some, then you don’t have to do it. Settling will drain you of confidence and ambition.

Settling will sell your soul. Life is way too short for us to settle for anything less than what we want for ourselves. The only way that people can embrace who they really are is to keep moving throughout life.

But remember, settling does not always necessarily mean that house and picket fence. Settling can be starting a family, taking a promotion at work, or deciding to travel along the path of least resistance. The moment you decide to do something because it is easy or simple or will placate a problem is the moment you fall into mediocrity.

Keep journeying. Keep wandering. Never settle for anything less than excellence, and you will continue to see this world as a place of magic and opportunity.

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You are not alone in your pursuits. I’m sure there are thousands, if not millions, of people who will never settle; and so let’s all come together to move this world in the right direction. Let’s transform this world into something excellent, where anyone can discover their dreams.