7 Dating Obstacles Straightforward Girls Face

May 1, 2017

The present state of dating can be frustrating because no one just comes out and says what they are thinking anymore. Messages are diluted with cryptic emoji sentences. Open books are looked at as a trap.

This circuitousness in modern dating is really causing some havoc, especially for the upfront and honest ladies out there. If you are a straightforward girl, you know how these seven dating obstacles have affected you:

1 The arbitrary rules

Who wrote the book on modern dating, anyway? This whole “you must wait” ideology is the pits. When you like someone and are interested in getting to know them, what is wrong with immediately asking them out for coffee?

Oh, yeah, there is that rule that says you should never jump the gun. Straightforward girls want to skip all the wooing, the left swiping, and cut to the chase. Is there going to be chemistry between you two or not?

2 Blunt response problems

Being straightforward means being brutally honest. Your best friends have gotten used to you telling them that the dress does make their butt look big or that their eating habits are going to ruin their skin. In fact, they appreciate that honesty now.

A new contender in the dating ring, however, will not. Dating is all about patting each other on the back and making the other person feel good about themselves in your presence. A straightforward girl, though, will tell him that his tie is ugly on the first date. You know, you really should stop that.

3 No filter

Apart from being brutally honest, you also cannot really control what comes out of your mouth at times. If ever. You will curse like a sailor (because you are so honest – it is science). You will talk openly about your feelings, and you never placate anyone. This sometimes causes the other party to think you are being a b*tch.

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4 Not playing hard to get

Know what tweaks your date the wrong way? Not flirting and skirting around his prying questions. No, you, being as straightforward as you are meet his questions by slamming your beer down like Thor and answering as bluntly as possible. This will hit your date like a mallet because you are not acting as coquettish as they hoped. In fact, they may even start to question if you are attracted to them at all.

5 No one scares you

Seriously. Your frenemy co-worker does not scare you, and neither does your boss. You are an intimidating force, simply because you assert your opinions without mitigating them.

To someone like your date who is trying to come off as gentle and unintimidating as possible, your hardness is going to deflect their advances like a force field. While you may want to stand up to a bull like the Fearless Girl, you may have to show just a little tolerance to sensitivity once in awhile.

6 Impatience

Messaging back and forth annoys straightforward girls. For example:

Him: “Hey, how are you?”

You: “Good, and you?”

Him: “I am good.”

You: “What are you up to?”

Him: “Nm, u?”

Seriously? How frustrating is this? Why can you not just say what you are doing? Obviously, you are occupied with something, not just vacuously converting oxygen to CO2. Straightforward girls cannot tolerate this back-and-forth nonsense and will end up becoming crazy cat women if this continues.

7 Wasting time, wasting life

Life is a miraculous thing, and straightforward girls are the kind of people who seize it every single day. They do not dither with decisions. They simply attack their passions.

However, this intrepidness is looked down on in modern dating, because there are certain norms that women need to supposedly follow. Wrong. Straightforward girls know that modern dating conventions are a waste of time, so you get creative and blaze your own trail. If your crush or SO follows along, then you know you found the one.

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Being straightforward has its perks. You do not take any lip from anyone, and you have a down-to-earth perspective that earns you a lot of respect. But in dating? You are more tied up than a fly in a spider’s web.

These seven obstacles might seem like the black widow of dating, but there are ways around them. Stay true to who you are, and someone will definitely come to meet you halfway.