6 Biggest Obstacles of Interracial Marriage

When you fall in love with someone of a different race, you do not see the things that make you different. Whether it is skin color, culture, upbringing, or any other factor, all you see is love. However, when things get serious and marriage comes up, there are some obstacles you should prepare to face together in order to be successful in your interracial marriage.

1 Visa issues

This is the biggest hurdle for people from different countries. If the love of your life was not born in the same country as you, be prepared to prove your marriage is real and not a “green card marriage.” For example, in America, you need to be married at least 2 years before they will consider your application for a green card.

2 Judgment from others

While many people will be supportive of your love, there will be many others that will not. It is sad when friends and family pass judgment, but you will need to look past that and not let the negativity wear you down. Even strangers will feel the need to judge you. Ignore them.

3 Cultural differences

Coming from two different backgrounds can often lead to arguments if you are each not willing to give and take a little. It can’t be one-sided. Before tying the knot, make sure you agree on how to raise kids, should you choose to have them as well as find common ground on other important issues like what to do with aging parents or religion.

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4 Language barriers

With some interracial relationships, when your love hails from a different country, their first language may not be the same as your own. Make sure you try to learn their language, even if you never do ace it. Languages like Chinese (my husband’s first language) are difficult to learn but your spouse will appreciate the effort you make.

Even when you learn their language, there will be times when you misunderstand each other. Before overreacting, make sure you each understand what the other is saying to save yourself from many arguments.

5 Helping your children identify

Once you have kids and they start school, you will be faced with that moment when they are not sure what their culture is. Make sure you build a solid foundation at home that incorporates both their cultures so that they will always feel stronger for having a special background.

6 Handling obstacles with grace

It is not easy when people see you with your spouse and do not realize you are together. Or when they look at your children and say something idiotic like, “Wow, you are so lucky they do not look Chinese.” Smiling politely and walking away is the best thing you can do for your sanity and your family.

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Every marriage is a tough work. Once the wedding dress comes off and the honeymoon is over, you will need more than your love to endure the obstacles you will face.

This could not be truer for interracial couples. Stay strong and hold your partner’s hand through this crazy ride in life and you will be able to overcome any marriage obstacles you face together.