8 Places Worldwide to Find Your Soulmate

Being a traveler and finding love can be a great challenge for those that live their life tied to the road. If you are ready to search for your soulmate, one of these amazing cities may be the best place for you to get lucky in love.

1 Paris, France

Known as the most romantic city in the world, Paris is the perfect place to fall in love. It may be an overdone cliché for some, but for others, strolling the cobbled streets, poring over fine arts, and picnicking under the Eiffel Tower create the perfect recipe for love. In Paris, you can learn a beautiful language and find a beautiful way to fall in love.

2 Kyoto, Japan

The culture, the history, the tradition and modern mixed together in harmony bring Kyoto into the limelight as a culturally rich destination that brings together travelers looking for a romance where it can’t be found elsewhere.

If you are looking for a unique spark in your soulmate, then find it while exploring the ancient Buddhist temples, surrounded by the most intricate and meticulous gardens, ponds, and natural wonders. In spring, the entire city bursts into color with its stunning cherry blossom blooms give everything a pinky, romantic hue.

3 Prague, Czech Republic

Known worldwide as a picturesque city steeped in history, it is an exceptionally good place to find a soulmate. Street cafés in markets and squares are ideal for people-watching. Plus, the beer is cheap and the locals are friendly, so drop yourself into a seat at the bar and you may find a new connection.

At night, Prague transforms into a fairy-tale destination where you can find your Prince Charming. The streets are abuzz with activity, and the monuments and landmarks are lit up in a dazzling display that will make your heart sing.

4 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

If you think America is the wrong place to find a charming, affectionate soulmate, then you have not been to the south. A bit of Southern charm and hospitality could be just what you are looking for in a soulmate.

Baton Rouge is dreamy: with old-American landmarks like the and the classic Southern historical houses like the Magnolia Mound Plantation House and Governor’s Mansion you will be feeling like you are in a classic American fairy-tale. The city is filled with romantic gardens and botanical areas that are perfect for getting to know a new and potential soulmate.

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5 Venice, Italy

A city filled with a quest sense of adventure and an outward romanticism that can turn even soulmate skeptics into believers. Secluded alleyways, peaceful canals, and a gentle hum of contentedness is all around and in the air.

St. Mark’s Square in the morning before the throng of tourists arrive is the perfect time to spot a fellow photography lover, and a cappuccino at a busy café can prompt new conversation and spark interest. Then, take a gondola ride together and catch a Venetian sunset from a rooftop terrace or from the park at Sant’Elena.

6 Railay, Thailand

Find a fellow wanderlust addict on the beautiful beaches of Railay. Your only way to access the peninsula is by boat, and it has a very island-like feel with no cars and a sense of solitude. It is laidback and budget-friendly, so odds are you can meet another like-minded traveler looking for a soulmate, too.

Explore the adrenaline of scaling a high mountain peak together, tour around on a longtail boat, explore the intimate Diamond Cave, or get a couple’s massage together. After all that, the best way to settle down for the evening is at one of Railay’s excellent open bars, drinking beer and watching the sun set over the peaceful waters – it does not get any more romantic for travelers that in Railay.

7 Cape Town, Africa

Finding love in this beautiful, diverse city can be quite easy for the adventurer. Cape Town has numerous dating activities that attract locals and people from around the world with their vineyards, mountains, and pristine beaches.

The easygoing vibe in the city means it is simple to find someone to grab coffee with and spark the beginning of a romance. Enjoy sunsets on the beach, late-night casual restaurants, and peaceful walks in the Cape Quarter as you cultivate new love.

8 Buenos Aires, Argentina

This southern country has one of the most romantic cultures in the entire world. It is the birthplace of tango, a very sensual dance. Nightclubs can be found all around the city with couples and singles looking to dance the tango until the sun comes up.

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The people in Buenos Aires are very open about their affections and feelings and it is common to see two people together on the street with eyes only for each other, or making out on a park bench blissfully. The stylish restaurants with good red wine, Argentinian beef, and historic views make for a perfect first date spot.

Here you have it. Your list of some of the best romantic places to find your soulmate and explore the world together.