5 Steps to Becoming an Instagram Millionaire

Jun 20, 2016

Instagram makes us popular and helps us survive the hardest and happiest times. But it can also help us become as rich as those successful entrepreneurs. Surely, if it was so easy, everyone would become a millionaire by just posting some fun and real pictures on Instagram. There are little secrets that some Instagram millionaires shared with us. Take these five important steps if you strive to become an Instagram millionaire.

1 Post consistently

Whether you have 500, 5, 000 or 5 million followers, you have to post regularly, even if no one likes your pictures at first. Do not expect to become popular overnight. Moreover, do not expect to become a millionaire in a month. It takes a lot of work, patience, and organization to create am an account that will make your wallet thicker.

Your Instagram feed should consist of beautiful, original pictures so that you could get more followers. The more pictures you post daily, the more interesting your account become, and the more followers you gain.

2 Post high quality photos

No one is going to like your photos and pictures if they are of poor quality. The million-dollar photos can turn your account into your major source of income. While others quit their jobs to become entrepreneurs and work hard to start a company, you can simply take some photos and enjoy a millionaire life. But again, don’t expect the fast results.

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3 Opt for something different

Everyone posts clothes, makeup and hair hacks, Starbucks cups, expensive watches, luxury lifestyle, travel experiences and many other stuff that already looks a bit boring. Come up with some weird or simply different themes and ideas that no one has on Instagram. This is a surefire way to get more followers and thus more money.

4 Be open and friendly with your followers

The last thing you want to do during your long journey to becoming an Instagram millionaire is to post pictures like a robot. You have to be open to your followers and try to read the comments and sometimes give feedback.

If someone asks you questions try to answer whenever possible. People should see not only interesting pictures and videos but an interesting person as well. Stay yourself. Authenticity is essential. This way, you will encourage them to follow you and share your posts.

5 Post directly

Big money does not come the easy way. If you have social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram – it may be tempting to post through linking. Even celebrities are guilty of this. But you know, they are already millionaires so they use social media to share their luxury lifestyles with their fans.

Aim to post directly to show your followers that you care about your Instagram account. You can continue to use the posting through linking method on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that you do not use for a business purpose. I’m not suggesting to give up on other social media accounts. What I’m suggesting is making your Instagram account a priority.

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When it comes to becoming an Instagram millionaire, it is also important not to lose hope. Believe in the positive results, stay organized and focus on the quality of your Instagram account.

Maintain a good Instagram presence and post the pictures that will draw more people to your feed. It takes careful planning and tons of effort, but it can pay off in the nearest future. Are you going to become an Instagram millionaire? Or is it just a dream?