7 Ways to Make Friends if You’re Not Popular

Oct 28, 2022

Many people encounter difficulties when trying to make friends. I also faced this problem when I was a teenager. I wasn’t the popular girl in high school and then in college, and I couldn`t believe that there`s someone who can be my friend. If you have the same problem, don`t worry because there are a few tips to help you make friends easily wherever you are and whatever you`re doing. Take a look at these easy ways and you`ll be able to make friends in school, university or even at work without any problems…

1 Don`t classify yourself

It often happens so that children and teenagers have a set classification of themselves. There are winners and losers, popular and silent, big and small, weak and strong types of people. Your possibilities depend on the type you belong to and so if you`re not popular, you can`t make friends. Get rid of this way of thinking and don`t stick to those classifications. Then you`ll have no prejudices about your personal abilities.

2 Talk, talk, talk

Making friends is all about talking to as many people as possible. You never know for sure whether you like a person or not until you talk to them and that`s a fact. Most of my friends are just random people that I met and asked something that led to our long-term friendship. Don`t be afraid to talk to someone you find interesting because the more people you talk to, the more chances you have to make a lot of friends.

3 Be a nice friend

You probably want to have a good friend, don`t you? Then why do you expect someone to be your good friend if you`re not so yourself? Do your best to be a good friend and then you`ll have no trouble making friends with someone you like as well. If you`re the person everyone wants to be around, you`ll never be lonely so do your best to be a positive and kind person.

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4 Be yourself

I used to follow the latest fashion trends and made huge efforts to be a part of mainstream and think the way everyone thinks. I couldn’t even imagine doing anything out of order, and I didn’t let myself become the person I was indeed. You can`t make friends if you pretend to be someone you`re not. There`s no need to hide your unique individuality because this way you can only find a friend for that “fake you.” Think you need it?

5 Use social media

You can use social media to find people who have the same interests and hobbies as you have. It`s so much easier to make friends online because you can instantly see what a person wants from life. There are lots of people in your area who`d like to share your world view and who`re ready to become your friends thus let them know that you exist and make as many friends as you wish.

6 Don`t worry about how many friends you have

Being not the “popular” type doesn`t always mean having no friends at all. You may have a few great friends but still want to have more because others say it`s not enough. Don`t listen to such nonsenses. Only you can decide how many friends you should have! It`s actually better to have one or two true friends than a hundred fake people around you.

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7 Talk about your real self

Don`t hide your interests if you meet someone that you want to make friends with. I often prevented myself from talking about my preferences with my classmate whom I shared the same desk with. It then turned out that we had the same hobby as we met each other at the bowling club. We discussed only some school business and never even tried to ask about who we are outside of education.

Making friends isn`t something you should worry about. No matter how popular you are, there are always some people who have something in common with you and who are ready to be your friends. Just don`t try to be the one you`re not indeed and everything will be great. Live the life you love and talk to anyone you find interesting. Do you have trouble making friends?