10 Fun Easter Egg Hunts for the Whole Family

Mar 28, 2017

Waking up on Easter Sunday as a kid to the thrill of a long day with exciting food, fun, and friends is one of my happiest memories. What about yours? Looking back, the feeling of nostalgia persists; and so, one must wonder if there are Easter egg hunt ideas for the whole family? Even though egg hunts were originally designed for kids, here are some exhilarating ideas anyone can try.

1 Glow-in-the-dark hunt

Perfect for those with a big back yard or campus, the glow-in-the-dark hunt is thrilling because you can see the eggs… but you cannot see one another. Imagine everyone running around in dark clothing, snatching up eggs like cackling ninja. Older kids and adults will have a blast.

2 Dress-up

Instead of hiding just eggs, hide things like tutus, capes, bunny ears, bunny noses, plastic carrots, bracelets, and hats. As people find these things, they have to put them on, including the family dog, if he/she is joining in. At the end of the run, have everyone in their silly get-up stand for a photo. Prizes optional.

3 Drinking game

This one is for adults. Write down number 1-10 a couple of times on paper. Cut them into squares and place them inside eggs before they are hidden. After everyone has found the eggs, have them open up the eggs to tally the number of shots they have to take. Beer and regular alcohol are suggested, but not wine. You can also use fruit juice for kids.

4 Scavenger hunt

Instead of having kids hunt for just eggs, have them hunt for a slew of things like plastic figurines, boxes, flowers, and more. Depending on where you are in the world, the list can be reconstructed to fit into your surroundings. For adults, have them hunt for “naughtier” things. At the end of the day, everyone will have a nice stash of prizes to take home, regardless of their age.

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5 Follow the strings

Perfect for indoor hunts, the String chase is where you take various threads of yarn (all different colors) and wind them around and through obstacles. Eventually, if you follow the yarn through the obstacle course correctly, it leads to a prize. Have kids draw popsicle sticks with one end painted to designate the color they have to follow.

6 Bunny tracks

Similar to follow the strings but adapted for outside. Have several people before the hunt walk around the yard, leaving a trail of spray painted footprints on the ground. These footprints should weave, climb, jump, and do all kinds of crazy things to get people following along. If kids are involved, do not drink; but if it is just adults, try doing this one buzzed. At the end of the paths will be a prize.

7 Truth or dare

Put strips of paper inside the eggs with Truth or Dare questions that are as G or R-rated as your mind (and guest list) allows. Once the hunt is over, have people open their eggs. Whatever is written on that paper, whether it is a truth or dare, is what they have to do. This can also be changed into “Drink or Dare.”

8 Clues

Depending on the age group, write up clues that would lead to the Easter Basket. These could be two-part clues, riddles, or simple “find X for the next clue.” After the hunt, children and adults can crack the eggs open to try to piece together the whereabouts of the treasure.

9 Cookie chase

Ditch the eggs and go for cookies. Bake up a batch, wrap them in cellophane, then hang them from branches, hide them under things, and up on obstacles. Then let kids try to accumulate as many as possible within the time limit. Make sure that the cookies have ingredients anyone, even the dog, can enjoy at the end.

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10 Glitter eggs

This is a twist on cascarones, a Mexican Easter tradition, where the shells of eggs are hollowed out and filled with confetti and glitter. Once you have held your traditional egg hunt, you take your eggs and smash them onto the heads of other people as a sign of good luck in the future. Whoever gets doused with golden confetti wins a prize (as does the person who has done the smashing). Messy? Yes. Incredibly fun? Heck, yes.

Whoever said the eggs have to be stuffed with children’s toys and chocolates, after all? Scavenger hunts are fun, no matter how old you are. So change up the rules and the prizes, and you have yourself a game for everyone in the family.