10 Family-Friendly Rainy Day Activities

Mar 27, 2019

Rainy days have a bad reputation as being dreary. In reality, they can be fun and relaxing. Turn your rainy day into an opportunity to reconnect with your family. With just a bit of creativity and the right attitude, your rainy day can turn into quite the adventure. Here are just a few family-friendly rainy day activities to consider the next time the clouds break open.

1 Create a scrapbook

Collect the photos from your last family vacation or major event, or the theater tickets from a family member’s debut performance.

With some blank paper, scissors, glue, and markers – you can begin a scrapbook that captures important aspects of your family’s life.

2 Make a recipe book

Ask every member of your family to write out his or her favorite recipe.

These could be recipes that have been created by the family, or just a favorite dish. Collect the recipes to make a personal family cookbook.

3 Do an indoor scavenger hunt

At the start of your day, hide 5-10 clues around the house. The clues can be riddles or just mysterious suggestions about where to find the next clue.

At the end of your hunt, reveal something fun – like a toy you’ve been saving for a reward or a tea party in the dining room.

4 Put on a play

Bring out your inner thespians on a rainy day, and you might just discover the William Shakespeare in your own family. Write a script, develop characters, and use your own wardrobes to create the costumes.

Mount the production for neighbors or pets. You can even split the family into teams and perform your productions for each other.

5 Arts and crafts

Drawing, painting, and taking photos are all ways to pass the time in a creative way when it is too wet to play outside.

Find all the yard, beads, old buttons, and markers you can find in the house and let everyone create something truly unique.

6 Construct a fort

Have some builders in your family? Gather in the living room and create a fort using couch cushions, pillows, blankets, and chairs.

Hang out in your fort for the day, reading and telling stories.

7 Have fun in the kitchen

If you have been meaning to try out a new cookie recipe or craft a new sandwich, there is no better day to try than a rainy day.

Spend the day creating new dishes with whatever you have on hand.  

8 Have a movie marathon

Cuddle up on the couch and have a movie marathon.

If your family has a collection of movies collecting dust on the shelves, it is time to dust them off and let everyone pick one movie to watch as a group.

9 Host a mini-olympics

Create a few events and stage an Olympics to pass the day. Use what you have.

Board games, longest time standing on one leg, and highest jump can all become Olympic events in no time.

10 Indulge in a spa day

Put on face mud masks, paint your toe nails, apply hot oil to your hair – you can have a spa day at home quite easily. With the wind blowing and rain falling outside, you can be relaxed and warm inside.

Rainy days are some of the best days to stay inside and cozy up with your family. Rather than feeling sorry for yourselves for being stuck inside, revel in the opportunity to get creating and have a little fun. Whether you do arts and crafts or make a mess in the kitchen, get the entire family involved in your rainy day shenanigans.