8 Fascinatingly Interesting Easter Celebrations Worldwide

Mar 29, 2017

Photo: pinterest.com

When you travel a lot, ending up in an unknown land for certain holidays like Easter makes you begin to wonder, what do the locals do? Maybe, you are not traveling at all but need some inspiration for how to mix things up this year. Easter has some wild spins throughout the world, but all of them are worth experiencing. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting Easter celebrations around the world:

1. Mexico

Some of the most fascinating holiday traditions come from Mexico – think Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Day or the Dead, and Carnival. One thing that ties Mexican Easter celebrations together with all the rest would be their use of cascarones, or confetti-filled eggs. On Easter, people first attend church, watch some fireworks, and then throw cascarones at one another. This act is thought to shower loved ones with good luck.

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