8 Fascinatingly Interesting Easter Celebrations Worldwide

Mar 29, 2017

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When you travel a lot, ending up in an unknown land for certain holidays like Easter makes you begin to wonder, what do the locals do? Maybe, you are not traveling at all but need some inspiration for how to mix things up this year. Easter has some wild spins throughout the world, but all of them are worth experiencing. Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting Easter celebrations around the world:

1 Mexico

Some of the most fascinating holiday traditions come from Mexico – think Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Day or the Dead, and Carnival. One thing that ties Mexican Easter celebrations together with all the rest would be their use of cascarones, or confetti-filled eggs. On Easter, people first attend church, watch some fireworks, and then throw cascarones at one another. This act is thought to shower loved ones with good luck.

2 Finland

On Easter morning, Finnish children do their egg hunting a little differently. They are dressed up as little witches with soot-covered faces, carrying broomsticks, teapots, and willow twigs then go begging in the streets. Children will also plant grass seeds in shallow dishes or place twigs in water to see if they can make them grow. In Western Finland, colossal bonfires are set alight at night, stemming from the ancient belief that smoke will ward off evil spirits.

3 France

While all of France does some awesome stuff for Easter, the most interesting tradition comes from Haux, a southern town. On Easter Monday, the town comes together to make a gigantic omelette in the main square. Just how big is this omelette? It uses over 4500 eggs and feeds over 1000 people. Supposedly, the giant omelette trend began when Napoleon and his army stopped by the town and demanded to be fed. He liked the omelette so much, he asked for another and all his men the next day.

4 Spain

In Seville, Spain you will see one of the most haunting processions ever. Thousands of people line the streets to see marching bands and floats festooned in candles and Baroque statues. Following the floats depicting the story of Easter, a solemn march of the cloaked nazarenos dressed in habits with pointed hats came along.

In another location in Spain, Verges, the town does the “death dance” on Holy Thursday. Dressed up as skeletons carrying scythes or boxes of ashes, the townspeople begin dancing at midnight and do not stop until early morning.

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5 Indonesia

The practice of Christianity has gone on for quite some time in Indonesia. Nowadays, there are over 7 million Catholics on the island nation. On Easter, many young Indonesian men consider it an honor to be crucified on a cross (not literally) and are hung up around various parts of country, primarily in Flores and Bali. Portuguese missionaries will also pick up statues devoted to the Crucifixion and walk the streets.

6 Bulgaria

Instead of hiding eggs in Bulgaria, you throw them at people. If you are lucky enough to come out of the battle with an unbroken egg, you are considered the most fortunate family member for the entire year.

Another tradition is for the eldest woman in the family to rubbed a dyed red egg on the cheeks of children as a symbolic wish for health and strength – often associated with rosy cheeks.

7 Bermuda

Locals celebrate Good Friday by flying handmade kites, eating fish cakes, and sharing freshly baked hot cross buns. The tradition began when a British Army officer and teacher had difficulties explaining how Christ ascended to heaven during a Sunday school class. It is said the teacher built a kite shaped like a cross to help students visualize what “ascension” meant.

8 Hungary

The usual traditions of egg painting and eating are played out between Easter Sunday and Monday. Some of the painted eggs are so stylized that they receive attention from a special craftsman. However, Hungarians get a little wild with their festivities too.

Have you heard of “sprinkling?” This is where men mix water with some cologne and either splash or sprinkle girls with it then ask for a kiss. Usually, the men get a red egg in return, which is a symbol of fertility.

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Easter is so much more than plopping a scared child on the mall Bunny’s lap and having egg hunts. The holiday has blended with both ancient and modern customs to become a nearly worldwide celebration. Though Easter is no longer just a holiday of fertility but one associated with Christianity, some cultures have made it a ritual while others just have fun!