7 Great Careers That Don’t Feel Like Job

Oct 18, 2022

Many people stress over getting great careers that don’t feel like a job. There’s nothing worse than having a job you hate. Let’s face it; we spend most of our time at work, so I think it’s important to choose a career that you will really like. Sure, it doesn’t mean you should quit your current job and look for the best career right now. However, if your job drains you, consider this list of seven great careers that don’t feel like a job and think of changing something in your life. Just try to do it step-by-step.

1 Chef

If you are fond of cooking and baking, you might want to become a baker or a chef. When I cook at home, I tell my husband that it will not take long, but I usually end up taking more than 3 hours. The great thing is that it doesn’t feel like it and I’m not tired. You may say there’s a difference between cooking for a family and cooking for clients, but if you really enjoy cooking, you will like your job.

2 Designer

Whether you love product design or interior design, you might want to consider working as a designer. When somebody asks for sketches or redecorations, you’ll deliver. However, keep in mind that being a designer call for teamwork and creativity. If you’re ready to use you creativity daily, this job might be perfect for you.

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3 Writer

If you like writing, why not try to work as a writer? When you’re writing about something interesting, time flies by and you don’t feel like you work hard every day. Yes, writing can be hard at times, especially when you feel down and you have a lot of problems to solve. But when you have plenty of unique ideas, this career is awesome.

4 Personal shopper

If you have an eye for style, like to shop and help others, then consider working as a personal shopper. It’s better to decide first, what it is that you love to shop for, because if you are going to shop for the things you don’t like, this job might be a real disaster.

5 Party or wedding planner

This is one of the best careers that don’t feel like job. If you are amazingly creative, you love to plan parties or weddings; you might want to consider working as a party or wedding planner. I personally like to plan parties. I love to set the theme of the party, shop for unique decorations, and find those tiny touches to make the party super fun. Parties are great, but if you want to plan something bigger and more memorable, being a wedding planner is a perfect career for you.

6 Babysitter or teacher

If you enjoy spending time with kids, being a babysitter or a teacher is a great choice. Many people think that being a teacher is one of the easiest jobs, but it’s actually a hard work so you should have a lot of patience, good knowledge and you should absolutely love children.

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7 Work in social media

Nowadays many young people want to work in social media and it’s one of the best careers that don’t feel like job. If you don’t want to be a software engineer you might want to study analytics and conduct keyword research at a social media company. This job is interesting and fun and you might make a lot of money.

When you have a job you like, your life is much easier and happier, and your stress levels are really low. Plus, if you eat healthy and exercise every day, you might live much longer. People who hate their jobs tend to be more depressed and unhappy. So, make sure you choose a career that doesn’t feel like work. Do you like your job? Do you have anything to add to this list?