10 Habits That Make You Earn Less

The vast majority of people are not earning as much as they would like. Some do not even make enough to live on. Often, a lack of decent earnings is due to some bad habits. Fortunately, you can change your habits and start bringing in more money.  

1 You do not speak up during the hiring process

The best time to set your expectations is at the very beginning of the job. If the offered wage is lower than anticipated, there is no reason you can’t negotiate, but keep in mind that this is best done early on. If you accept the job at a lower wage, you will find it much more difficult to get a raise later.

2 You are too humble

Keep track of your contributions to the company and remind your boss when it is time for a raise. When you can present evidence of your value, you are more likely to earn more. Singing your own praises is appropriate from time to time.

3 You are adequate at your job

If you are just surfing along in your job, not doing badly, but not doing an outstanding job, either, you may be overlooked for a raise. If you want to earn more, it is a good idea to break the habit of being content.

4 You are not learning new skills

Staying relevant in your job requires ongoing learning. You should always be improving your skills by learning new ones or updating existing skill sets. Consider taking classes or investing in some books or software to help you build on your existing skills.

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5 You feel the world owes you

An entitled attitude is a surefire way to keep your earnings low. No one really likes to deal with a diva, no matter how great they are at their job. If you have a bad attitude, it is time to change that and act more positive at work.

6 You do not socialize

Your job may not require much in the way of talking to co-workers, but nearly every position requires some interaction. If you are in the habit of staying quiet and not really speaking up, people might feel that you are antisocial. Your boss’s opinion of you will affect what you are paid. 

7 You complain

Not only does complaining take up quite a bit of your productive time, it can also drastically affect how you are seen in the company. Constant grumbling can definitely cause you to earn less, so try to stay positive and keep the whining for home.

8 You do not speak up

While complaining should be kept to a minimum, you may need to step forward and actually ask for a raise. Many companies will not automatically give you a boost in wages. You will need to ask for that raise. Keep in mind that you should have evidence of your performance in hand.

9 You do not pay enough attention

When your supervisor has to constantly remind you of what you should be doing, or correct your work due to lack of attention to detail, it will affect your earning potential. Those who are given raises are usually the employees who can be trusted to work hard and to do the job correctly.

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10 You are not making yourself invaluable

When a company can’t do without an employee, that person will be given a very good reason to stay. However, if you are not invaluable, it can be difficult to get a raise.

Take the time to find out what your company needs and then go above and beyond your job description to ensure your boss will want to keep you around.

If you are guilty of any of the habits on this list, it might be time to look a little closer at your work life. What can you change to make yourself more valuable? Habits can be changed, so do not let bad ones ruin your earning potential.