10 Instant Career Boosters

Dec 19, 2018

If you are looking for ways to improve your professional reputation, attract more attention from employers, and generally boost your career, there are certain smart tips that you should follow. Here are ten of the most career-useful ones.

1 Have professional photos taken

If you are going to have any kind of online presence linked to your career (and most career guidance experts would say that you should have such a presence), it is well worth investing in a shoot with a photographer.

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You will be able to select the most flattering images and their quality will immediately make you seem more organized, dedicated, and professional.

2 Go to professional events

Although attending conferences and workshops may not always be the most exciting way to spend your time, it is important to capitalize on all opportunities to make new connections.

Talk to other people in your field, ask smart questions, and make sure you come across as friendly, competent, and memorable.

3 Be willing to help others

If you develop a reputation for giving useful career advice and being available to people who need your help, you will be widely remembered and valued.

The person you assist today may well be in a position to hire you for a great job in the future, so always take a friendly, open approach when asked for advice.

4 Always keep your resume updated

It is tempting to be complacent about your resume if you already have a job, but you never know when you might be sourced for a new position.

Look at your resume on a regular basis, constantly adding new skills, qualifications and relevant experiences. Your resume should be ready to send out immediately when it is needed.

5 Keep learning

Even if you are in a comfortable position at the moment, you can always benefit from updating your knowledge by going to classes, reading new publications and keeping track of professional blogs.

If you are always building on your skills, you will be in an ideal position to receive a promotion or look for a better job.

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6 Use Facebook to network

Clean up your profile to ensure that it does not contain anything you would not want employers to see, and send friend requests to any relevant business connections you make.

For example, new people you encounter at a conference may eventually help you find a fantastic position if you stay in touch via Facebook.

7 Improve your communication

Think about communication skills that need work and focus on improving them. You might read up on active listening, attend a lecture on beating nerves during public speaking, or buy a book about improving your ability to construct arguments.

Good communication is vital in almost all jobs, and your communication skills have a dramatic influence on your job interview performance as well.

8 Update your work wardrobe

It is important to keep your clothes looking sharp, neat and professional. In addition, dressing to suit the most recent trends subtextually communicates that you are competent with modern skills and concepts.

Thankfully, you do not have to spend too much to ensure your wardrobe is current. Sometimes, a new accessory or a different jacket will be all you need.

9 Volunteer for projects

When your employers or team leaders are looking for people to work extra hours or put in extra effort on a project, always volunteer if you can.

In addition to showing that you are an enthusiastic, useful employee, taking part in new projects helps to expand your resume and boosts your chances of getting other jobs in the future.

10 Be a positive person

Finally, by maintaining an optimistic attitude, pleasant demeanor and productive mindset, you make yourself an excellent colleague. If you find smart ways to combat stress and always draw productive lessons from setbacks, you can radiate positivity and increase your value in the workplace.

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If you follow the above tips, you should boost your chances of doing well in your career. In addition, many of the same tips can be used to increase your likelihood of being invited for job interviews.