8 Fantastic Selfie Ideas for Friends

Want to get more likes, comments and wows? If you`re one of those that like to take selfies but you run out of ideas, give these tips a try to impress everyone who`d be lucky to see it. Selfies are a fun and easy way to show others what you’re doing. Some people call it addiction while others think there’s nothing wrong with taking selfies daily.

Taking selfies with friends is even more fun, not to mention that it’s enduring memories. Take a look at the list of 8 fantastic selfie ideas for friends. I’m sure you will love them all!

1 Show off

If you want to take a selfie where you show everyone something new you`ve just bought but you don`t want it to be a usual one, I have a really good idea for you.

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Call your best friends and do it together. It`s going to be a great picture of a funny group of positive people who have some purchases they want to show others. Maybe it’s a brag, but who cares?