8 Fantastic Selfie Ideas for Friends

Want to get more likes, comments and wows? If you`re one of those that like to take selfies but you run out of ideas, give these tips a try to impress everyone who`d be lucky to see it. Selfies are a fun and easy way to show others what you’re doing. Some people call it addiction while others think there’s nothing wrong with taking selfies daily.

Taking selfies with friends is even more fun, not to mention that it’s enduring memories. Take a look at the list of 8 fantastic selfie ideas for friends. I’m sure you will love them all!

1 Show off

If you want to take a selfie where you show everyone something new you`ve just bought but you don`t want it to be a usual one, I have a really good idea for you.

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Call your best friends and do it together. It`s going to be a great picture of a funny group of positive people who have some purchases they want to show others. Maybe it’s a brag, but who cares?

2 Selfie bomb

Selfie doesn’t have to be boring so can ask some of your friends to make faces or do some funny things in the background. This is a creative way to make your background more interesting.

Just imagine how cool it would be to take a picture of yourself with someone crazy behind your back. Get creative and spend a day photobombing with your friends.

3 Shoes

Selfies are usually accompanied by faces, but if you want to stand out from the crowd why not take a selfie of your and your friends’ shoes?

Whether you decide to take a selfie of all of your shoes placed in a circle or simply your legs, people will definitely ask you something like “Who’s that?” or “Whose are those legs/shoes?” in the comments and it`ll make your selfie so mysterious and special.

4 Natural selfie

One of the best ways to take a unique photo of you and your friends is to look natural on it. Women always try to have a bright makeup and to wear their best clothes to look perfect on a picture. Break those rules and take lots of natural selfies.

Don’t use any filters and those common poses everyone`s already tired of. Look naturally and smile the way you always do it without any imitation. Ask your friends to do the same.

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5 Making faces

Laughing at yourself is good for you. When you do it with your friends, it’s even better. When taking your next selfie with friends, try making funny faces.

We tend to pay more attention to unusual pictures, so be sure you get a lot of likes, depending on how funny your faces are. I don’t know about you, but I can easily make different faces when I’m hanging out with friends.

6 Spontaneous selfies

Spontaneous selfies are probably the most amazing ones. When people take a selfie, they always get ready for it in advance. I find it boring to follow this ritual every time you take a photo.

Next time you hang out with your friends, take spontaneous selfies. Don’t tell anyone about your intention and you`ll have a nice chance to take many great pictures. Make sure you ask your friends if you are allowed to post those spontaneous selfies online.

7 Frowning face

Ask one of your friends to frown while others smile. Or, all of you can frown together while taking selfies. Taking a selfie photo with frowning faces is an easy yet funny way to stand out from the crowd and attract more attention to your photo online.

The more people will see it, the more likes and comments you will get.

8 Use a color effect

Most cameras have different filters that you can use to make a really cool and special selfie. You can turn on the black-and-white function and make an old-style picture or use a sepia function that also changes the colors of your pictures and make them look more beautiful.

This way, you`re able to take an exceptional selfie without doing anything but choosing the most preferable function in your camera settings.

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Your selfies will definitely become a lot more interesting and various if you try some of the ideas from this list. It’s okay to try to stand out from the crowd no matter what you do. Show everyone that you have the ability to bring something completely new into this world by taking the most unique and unexpected selfies ever. What other selfie ideas for friends do you know and are ready to share with us?