12 Group Date Ideas to Multiply the Romance

Sep 29, 2016

Although time with your boyfriend or girlfriend is precious and every moment should be savored, especially if they are, you know, the one. But let’s face it, that old cliche about having more people around is true.

Merriment comes from laughing and enjoying time with close friends. Sometimes change is a good thing, so pick up the phone and invite the other couples you know for some group date fun. These cool group date ideas will just multiply the romance.

Staying in

Experiencing bad weather or want to party in your PJs? As you know, dates don’t necessarily imply a night out on the town. Here are some home-based dates for your squad:

1 Game night

Have a favorite game show? Turn it into a group date challenge. For example, have your friends bring random items (bought or from their home) and have a The Price is Right party. Or if you live by the woods, make it a Battle of the Sexes outdoor survivor scavenger hunt.

2 Board game

Monopoly, Candy Land, Dungeons and Dragons, and other classics are prime examples of bringing people together for some honest fun.

3 Video games

Mario Cart is multiplayer for a reason. Better yet, pair up in Mortal Kombat or something similar and see which couple has the love that will conquer all.

4 Sports party

Even if your favorite sports teams differ, there is nothing stopping you from getting together to watch a match. Football and baseball season are perfect times to call some friends over and order a pizza.

5 Make your own miniature golf course

Divvy up the responsibilities for who brings what then build the paths and castles throughout a wide space or in your backyard. You do not need the appropriate tools either. See how creative you and your friends can be. Or challenge the other couples to see who can make the most complex designs.

6 Glow-in-the-dark backyard party

You don’t need to go to a dance club to use glow sticks. Invite your friends over for a makeshift dance party. Depending on where you live, you can even take this outside. As the glow sticks fade, you can look up at the stars. Adding glow-in-the-dark body paint can also add another dimension to the group date.

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For the foodies

7 Wine or beer tasting party

This is best if everyone likes alcohol or at least has one brand that they would like to sample. Have everyone bring one or two cartons of their favorites or brands they would like to try. Fill up the cups, pass them around, and see how many different flavors are possible.

Make it even more fun with appetizers or finger foods, movies, and games. Themes work well here too. For example, an Italian wine sampling party or an Oktoberfest-themed beer tasting party.

8 Potluck

The traditional potluck is actually always sure to please. People can bring food that is already been made, or you can have everyone bring the ingredients and hold something like an Iron Chef or Chopped showdown to see which couple’s culinary skills and teamwork reigns supreme in the kitchen.

Going out

Don’t limit yourself to the bland restaurant dinner date. Make the night special for everyone with these fun group date ideas:

9 Bowling

Generally a merrier type of game, bowling promotes healthy competition, some exercise, and a place to get a little loud. Most of the time, bowling parlors also have food and drinks and other arcade games on site. Even if you are a terrible bowler, there will be something to occupy your time.

10 Theme park or water park (or both)

If bowling is not thrilling enough, theme parks are always a good way to get out with friends and your significant other. Scary rides provide bonding time while waiting in lines is ideal for catching up on recent news. Also, if one person does not like one ride, at least others can enjoy it or someone can stay behind. Were it just the two of you, that would not happen.

11 Hiking and camping

Outdoorsy types know that the more people you have on a trail with you, the more exciting it is. Taking road trips to long trails really helps promote healthy relationships while giving couples a chance to focus on each other, even when you are with friends.

Having a few extra hands to help make camp also relieves some of the burden that might be too much for two people. Again, you can always employ a Battle of the Sexes Survivor game or see who is the best at campfire cooking.

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12. Ballroom dance class

Learning tango or salsa with friends means two things: you can use Groupon, and you can have loads of fun learning choreography. Plus, dance is very sensual and expressive. If you get my drift.

Group dates have a history of being boring or messy, but if you choose something fun and creative, where everyone can contribute, then no one goes home displeased. Laughter helps people bond and feel more comfortable with one another.

Whether you are just starting out in this relationship or have been with your significant other for years, changing up the routine and meeting with friends is something you both a share. What are the group date ideas you would like to try first?