10 Ways to Fan the Flame in Your Love Life

Sep 23, 2016

Needing to reignite your relationship with your partner? Are things feeling a little stale in your love life? I have ten things that you can try today to instantly feel closer to each other. Try them for yourself and see the difference. You will see how stronger your relationship will become along the way.

1 Speak to him in his love language

If you don’t know what I am talking about, look up The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman online. This crazy smart man literally wrote the book on how to best show your partner love. There is even a quiz on his website that you can each take to find out how you show and receive affection best. Are you a words of affirmation person? Do you need quality time? Take the quiz and find out!

2 Get personal

Go to Google right now and look up a list of deep questions to ask your significant other. You will have a ton of options to choose from with questions ranging from “What is your worst fear?” to “What are the top three things on your bucket list?” Try quizzing one another over dinner or while you watch your kids play in the yard. You will be surprised at how much you did not know about him.

3 Get to the first base

Remember how exciting it was to just kiss him while you were dating? I bet you had quite a few steamy make-out sessions before life really set in. Well, you can have them again. Pop in your favorite love songs and get to necking. It is one of the best ways to fan the flame in your love life with no effort at all.

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4 Sweat it out together

Exercise is extremely important and beneficial to everyone, but it has, even more, benefits when you are doing it with your partner. Learn how to push one another to a new goal, support him while he tries to squat a new limit, or go for a run together. As you are sweating next to him, you are also releasing endorphins which will leave both of you feeling better than before.

5 Make the call

Literally, call him. Stop letting all of your communication throughout the day be through text messages. A text is about as impersonal as you can get, so put forth a little more effort and call him in the middle of the day just to hear his voice. He will be happy, I promise.

6 Take a road trip

Get out of your normal surroundings and hit the road for the day. Is there somewhere within a few hours’ drive that you have been meaning to visit together? Wake up early and hit the road! You will feel like you are escaping and discovering new places together. No matter the destination you choose, you will bond over the adventure.

7 Give him a compliment

You know how great it can feel to receive a true compliment from someone? Well show him some love and make his day. Tell him something that you genuinely love about him but that maybe you have never vocalized. Do you think he has a perfect face? Tell him! Love the way he treats strangers? Let him know.

8 Go on a group date

As much as you love being alone together, try going on a group date every now and then. Being around friends can bring out new sides in you and even bring you closer together in a crowd. You may be reminded how much you really just like each other as friends.

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9 Make him your person

Speaking of being friends, make sure that you realize and show that he is your best friend, your person. As much as Shonda Rhimes would like to convince us differently, your partner should be the person that you go to with everything and the one person that you need in this crazy world.

10 Make him a playlist

Oh yeah, I am taking it back to last century and daring you to make him a killer mixtape. Find songs that remind you of him and your story together. Tell him how he makes you feel without ever speaking a word. There is so much power in music.

So, there you go. Ten ways to spark a new flame in your relationship with your man. Nothing too hard, right? So, what are you waiting for? Try one tonight! These ways to fan the flame in your love life are super easy to do.