10 Outdated Date Ideas to Ditch in 2017

Oct 31, 2016

Times are changing. Dates are too. The things that were popular back in the 1920s will not cut it now. You are going to have to abandon the old standby you have clung to since high school.

Otherwise, you might come across as traditional and dull, which no one wants when trying to find someone to spend their time with. Check out the ten outdated date ideas that you may want to ditch in 2017.

1 Not casual dinner

Someone once said to me that a dinner date at an expensive restaurant feels like a highly stressful interview. I agree. You might not be wearing the most comfortable clothes, be staring at the utensils like Leo DiCaprio during the dining room scene in Titanic, and thinking to yourself if ordering a salad is safe or not.

Plus, there is a lot of pressure to perform. These scenes might have worked in the 1950s when that class was considered romantic, not stuffy. But now, it is better to start off comfortably. If you have to go to dinner, or you are both foodies, try this instead: a funky standing-room-only noodle bar or making a meal together at one of your places.