6 Sweet Winter Dates to Keep You Warm and Cozy Inside and Out

Jul 4, 2018

This winter has given us snow of epic proportions and while you might be inclined to stay snuggled on the sofa with your honey-bunny until the last of it melts away, you will get cabin fever.

Break up the monotony of sitting around watching endless movie marathons on Netflix and try something that’s still cozy but with more cuteness and romance thrown in.

1 Go for a wine tasting

In winter, there are few things people want to leave the house for, but a wine tasting will totally warm you both up. Find one nearby and get out of the house for a bit. You will be glad you did.

No wine tastings nearby? Make your own! Head to your local wine shop and grab a few bottles and some fancy cheeses and make your own tasting.

2 Try a new neighborhood restaurant

There comes a point in time where if you do not leave the house, you will both go insane. Besides, you need to eat. So make good on that promise you made to each other to check out the new cozy Italian place around the block.

By staying close by, you minimize your contact with the outdoor winter chill and the pay off is big because you get to try something new and change your scenery together.

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3 Take a cooking class

If you both love Thai food, why not heat things up by signing up for lessons? You can find cooking classes for just about any type of cuisine there is so pick one you both would love to know more about and go. Not enough budget for that?

Pick a recipe you have always wanted to try together – something that challenges you both but that will not set off the fire alarm – and make it together. You will have fun shopping for the ingredients and coming in from the cold to cozy up by the stove together.

4 Go ice skating

Fight the cold by getting out in it. Ice skating is a great way to warm up those muscles and get moving, plus you can hold hands while you skate which is always sweet.

5 See a play or a sporting event

Or see both! On different nights, of course. Theater tickets and tickets to your favorite basketball or hockey teams will make going out in the winter elements worthwhile.

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6 Try out bar trivia

Does your neighborhood bar have a bar trivia? If not, even if there are the bar games, it might do you guys some good to escape the confines of your home for a spell.

Sometimes during the winter, all it takes is a change of scenery to shake off those winter blues. What do you and your love do when it is so cold outside?