7 Biggest First Date Deal Breakers

Oct 19, 2022

Meeting Mr. Right can be hard and if you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should be ready to face many first date deal breakers. But don’t get upset, because these date mistakes will help you find the right guy down the road. Don’t waste your time on the wrong guys, check out 7 first date deal breakers that you shouldn’t ignore. Many girls believe it’s hard to discover all the guy’s flaws on a first date. In fact, it’s possible. Just be more attentive and remember that we all have some shortcomings.

1 Stories about the ex

The most annoying thing that is an instant deal breaker on a first date is when the guys tell stories about the exes. I think it is better to speak about the prospect of our relationship than about the shortcomings of our exes. I want to be the main figure of his attention on my first date. By all means, the ex is off-limits on a first date. When I face an ex conversation, I run away from that guy for good.

2 He is late

If he is late, he shows his disrespect to you. Of course, people can get in different situations and I do understand that unexpected delays sometimes take place, but when it happens without any explanation, it’s a red flag. It usually means that the guy is very light-minded with your relationship. If you want to give him a second chance, don’t hesitate but remind him that punctuality is above all.

3 Dating etiquette

I’m not a chronic aesthete, but he should have good manners. No one would like to date a person who doesn’t have any manners. It is terrible to see him chewing with the mouth open, and receive only monosyllabic sounds or answers to your questions. A first date is an opportunity to show your best self, but not behave like a monkey. When guys complain about the menu prices all the time, they show how cheap and inexperienced they are. Your date should have at least basic manners if he wants to win your heart on a first date.

4 A drinker

I usually stick to the One Glass Rule. One cocktail can help you relax and remove stress, but I think everything should be within reasonable limits. Getting drunk is completely inappropriate on any date. If you don’t want to end up calling a cab, because your gentleman is completely drunk, suggest him avoid alcohol at all. There are many wonderful first date drinks to enjoy, like fruit cocktail or smoothie, tea and even hot cocoa.

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5 Respect

Disrespect is a terrible deal breaker in all spheres of life. All relationships are based on respect and mutual understanding. If the guy shows no respect on a first date, you should make conclusions and realize that you two have no future. The guy should respect your opinion, habits and boundaries. Don’t let him swear at you. He should know that you respect yourself and he has to do the same if he wants to be with you.

6 Bad listening skills

When it comes to a successful first date, we all think that great speaking skills help us to make men fall in love with us. Sometimes you may feel like a journalist interviewing a man. Let him talk too. Show your listening skills and he’ll see that you are the girl who can listen and give advice when needed. Don’t talk too much about yourself and don’t ask too many questions. Your conversation should be interesting to both of you.

7 Appearance

In a modern society, people greet others according to their clothes. Your first date is no exception. It’s not necessary to wear expensive clothes, but you should look neat and beautiful. He should look and smell good as well. The inner beauty is always more important, but if you don’t like his outer beauty and his dressing style, it’s better to forget about a second date.

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First dates are one of the most memorable events that will stay with you for the rest of your life. You should be very attentive and reasonable if you want to meet the right man. Listen to your heart. If you feel like he’s not for you or he disrespects you, don’t give him a second chance. You deserve to love and to be loved. Don’t waste your time. What first date deal breakers are the worst to you?