10 Most Unique Fall Date Ideas

Oct 24, 2022

If you’ve been dating your boyfriend for over a year, it might be difficult to spice up your date nights. Romantic dinners and strolling down the streets hand in hand are great, but your boyfriend and you may want to try something more exiting. In fall, when the weather outside is getting crispier, your date ideas may get a bit smarter! Fall itself is the most romantic season ever that can spur you on to amaze and rejoice your partner. Take a break from your work and day-to-day activities and enjoy all the perks that fall can offer both of you. Here are 10 awesome date ideas to try this fall season.

1 Fall festivals

Fall abounds in festivals, outdoor concerts and numerous exciting events. Festivals always mean great fun and unforgettable common memories since most of them offer strongman competitions, a lot of good music and car shows. Plus, fall festivals have a great upside of tasty eats and sweets, wine and brew. My boyfriend and I always take advantage of riding, buying one-of-a-kind items from local craftsmen and people-watching!

Let’s don’t forget about Oktoberfest! You don’t necessarily have to be a beer fan since there are heaps of games to be occupied with all day long. Witness this world’s largest fair and enjoy the most delicious food, magnificent costumes and entertainment! Oktoberfest is a festival that you should definitely visit at least once.

2 Fall picnics

If you are both on a budget, a fall picnic is the perfect choice. You don’t think that picnics are for summertime only, do you? Take some wine, chocolate and enjoy the last warm evenings with your sweetheart in the nature’s lap. Bonfire and a couple of blankets are another good option if you plan a romantic night for two. Be sure, stargazing and long night talks will jazz up your relationship!

If you want to prepare a surprise picnic for your love, find the location in advance. It’s not that difficult to find a cozy spot in the park or nearby forest. I always opt for tiny sandwiches, mini-pizzas and bite-sized fruits; they are appropriate for minimal mess and cleanup. Flameless candles and autumn flowers will complete the ambiance.

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3 Photo shoot

Fall is a great time for memorable shoots with whimsical foliage in the background. Even if you have thousands of photographs, you should jump at the chance to have a fall photo shoot too. Consider sunrise and sunset hours, they will bring soft light and gorgeous golden colors to your photos. The location really matters since the quality of your photos will depend on the place and background. Locations like a grove of trees, corn field, heap of leaves or any place by the water will undoubtedly make those fall colors pop on your photos! Are you unsure about photo poses? This was always a great problem for me. But I’ve noticed that kissing, holding hands and looking at each other are quite safe options! Remember that the most important thing about your photos is your sparkling eyes and happy smile!

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4 Wine-tasting

Learning how to taste wines is an uncommon experience and a good adventure for both of you. You can go wine-tasting at any time of the year; however in fall visiting a vineyard with cheese savoring is especially marvelous. You can also rent a tasting room for a private dinner and enjoy farm-to-table dishes with a good wine. Ask an experienced professional to teach you the basics of wine tasting and various bouquets.

If you think that wine tasting is a boring and daunting date idea, you are completely mistaken! There are lots of tasting sessions for amateurs, which are conducted with a great deal of fun and jokes. However, the most important thing to remember for you and your boyfriend is that wine tasting has nothing in common with drinking! It’s all about judging, assessing and enjoying. Whenever I am at a vineyard I always buy a couple of bottles of my favorite wine for would-be stay-at-home trysts. Cheers!

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5 Horse riding

Horse riding is one of the most unique date ideas to try this fall. I love the majesty and royalty of these animals. They are absolutely grand creatures with pure instincts and incredible power. And that’s the reason I consider horse riding a very good option for a fall date. Sure, if neither you nor your boyfriend is a seasoned rider, the first meeting with this capricious animal may be rather unavailing and disappointing. Book a horseback riding lesson and trail riding, which are available at private stables. You can also order a private lesson for just the two of you and then have a fall picnic. Chances are that this simple fall date idea would develop into a real hobby and passion!

As an added bonus, horse riding is an incredibly active activity. Be sure to feel the muscles in your legs and buttocks the second day after you try it. According to calorie burning chart, horse riding burns about 250 calories in just 60 minutes! When going for a horse riding, take care of an appropriate outfit and shoes. Trust me, this is going to be an experience you’ll never forget!

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6 Movie night

Let’s make it clear first: turning on the television and having a movie night are different things. If you want to have a nice stay-at-home date with movie watching you should create the special environment and atmosphere. Prepare the setting by filling the floor with pillows and blankets. Dim light, some wine and your favorite movie are all you need now.

Curling up under your warm blanket is great, but you can easily make your movie night date more interesting by having it outdoors. It’s much easier than you might think! With a white sheet, projector and a movie your backyard will transform into a real movie house! Equip the venue with large cushions and quilts for you and your sweetheart to relax. If you are going to have a movie marathon at home, make sure there is enough popcorn with various toppings and seasonings.

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7 Cooking competition

Guys are crazy about competitions, so make use of it! Let him know in advance that you are going to compete with him. Agree on a fall-themed menu and budget-friendly ingredients. I shall say that such dates are enticing for me and my boyfriend since we both are foodies and we love cooking together! Usually we add a bottle of wine to the cooking process to make it funnier and more enjoyable.

The elements of rivalry and excitement are all you need to spice up your relationship! Rate each other’s dishes for creativity, presentation and taste, just like they do in the show. If you are not a food junkie, opt for cocktails! Collect some fall-themed drink recipes and buy all the necessary supplies. We usually do this way: we prepare a heap of recipes put down on small cards. Then we just pull out a card by guesswork and this is precisely what we should cook. Cooking competitions are so much fun! Be sure to enjoy the real buzz of excitement during the process!

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8 Tailgating

Your guy will definitely appreciate the idea of tailgating date! Since tailgating season is upon us, you just cannot miss an opportunity to rejoice your beloved. Guys love eating hot dogs, drinking beer and listening to a good music in the parking lot in front of a football field. Even if you are not a sports fan or beer lover, it’s a great idea to have a little party in the parking lot once in a while.

There may be no major sports team in your town. In this case tailgate for something else; the main thing about tailgating is having fun! Laid-back conversation and people-watching can be a great way of relaxation after a busy working week. Moreover, tailgating party is a good chance to gather with your friends and enjoy some games and activities.

9 Visiting a haunted house

I bet you have never considered a haunted house a good date idea! But it’s actually one of the best places for a tryst. This is the right place to enjoy the sheer fun of a clash with boogeymen and ghosts, creaky cellars, dark rooms and singing little girls! Haunted houses provide the perfect pretext for squeezing each other’s hands and holding on tight while going through the scary paths. Surf the Internet to find a haunted house tour that is closest to you.

Trolley tours are also super-fun and less horrifying since you observe ghostly figures from a distance. If you are fond of everything mysterious and supernatural, give ghost hunting a try.

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10 Hot air balloon rides

This fall date idea is worthy of any bucket list! Totally romantic, air balloon rides are a bit costly entertainment, but if you are looking for an ultimate fall date, this is precisely what you need! Hot air balloon flights enable you to look at the world from completely different perspective and admire the bounty and richness of the fall season. You can opt for sunset tours or less popular but still marvelous sunrise tours. If you still hesitate to choose air balloon ride, just close your eyes and imagine cozying up to your sweetheart, sipping wine and admiring a gorgeous bird’s-eye view! I can hardly fancy anything more exciting than this!

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There are much more fun, uncommon and romantic fall ideas for you to try. Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean there is nothing to do. Just be creative and inspired and enjoy the season with your sweetie! What are your favorite fall date ideas?