6 Wonderful Benefits of Having a Birthday in Fall

I’ve never thought of any benefits of having a birthday in fall, even though I love fall and consider it to be the most beautiful season of the year. When I was a child, I envied my friends who celebrated their birthdays in summer, when we had holidays. But I’m not a kid anymore and there is no such a concept like summer holidays. Anyway, I’m an October child and I feel really happy about it.

Having a birthday in fall is really amazing since there is inspiration all around and fall is a lead-up to all the best holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas! This third season of the year associates with fall festivals, decorations of all kinds, church preparations, pumpkin-related stuff, bonfires and many other lovely things! Having a birthday in the middle of this season is like hitting the jackpot! Here some of the best reasons why a fall birthday is wonderful:


Mild fall weather is perfect for outdoor celebrations. You are safe from the blazing heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter. Every year on my birthday my backyard turns into a breezy venue with hundreds of lights and candles and other autumnal decorations. I always have a heap of wool blankets at hand to keep my guests warm since fall evenings can be rather cold. A bonfire is another source of warmth and a great place for heart-to-heart talks.

Fall getaways

Fall always means marvelous color, smaller crowds and ideal opportunity for weekend getaways. If you are not fond of birthday parties and want to celebrate your birthday with your sweetheart, this is a great option for you. Most people have their vacations in summer, which means fall is the period of great discounts! Moreover, everything looks much prettier in autumnal rich colors. There’s nothing more romantic than roaming unfamiliar streets and kicking orange leaves!

Harvest time

Fall is the season of the harvest, when food is cheaper, healthier and more various. If you are on a tight budget but you want to throw a birthday party, don’t worry. Most of the fruits and veggies such as apples, pumpkin, tomatoes, nuts and some others are budget-friendly in fall. There are plenty of sophisticated yet easy-to-make fall recipes you can pick for your birthday menu. This year I’m planning to treat my guests to a garlic pork with roasted veggies and caramelized apples, salads and chocolate tart. I’m sure apple cider and pumpkin spiced latte will perfectly accomplish my birthday menu!

Fall-themed parties

I love celebrating my birthday with a fall-themed backyard party! It’s a splendid opportunity to incorporate the bounty of the season into my birthday! It’s easy to give a touch of fall to the decorations, invitations, recipes and even music! Last year I had an apple-themed birthday party where apples were in the limelight! Burlap tablecloths, place cards and cardboard garlands served as a perfect complement to the rustic atmosphere. If you are going to have a fall-themed party, I suggest you to set a special dress-code for your guest to make your party even more memorable.

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Party activities

I really love celebrations that offer an unhurried conversation with your guests. But when you have your fall birthday party outdoors, you cannot lose the chance to enjoy numerous wonderful activities. Apple sack races, hayride, a trip to the orchard and bobbing for apples are all great and funny activities! Get your guests involved in making caramel apples, our most favorite thing about fall. This activity will be interesting and catching for both kids and adults. Moreover, these goodies can serve as itty-bitty yet delicious party favors.


According to the numerous researches, people born in autumn are more likely to hit 100! The scientists say that the season in which you were born directly influences the environment in which you develop and live. It has an impact on your character, behavior and, of course, health. Does it mean that your fall birthday is the ticket to the longevity? Naturally, there are many controversies and argues about this theory. However, the statistics show that people born between September and November are more likely to live longer than those people in other months of the year. Well, good for us!

Being born in fall is really awesome! This season offers you soft weather, dressed-up holidays, rich colors and great travelling time. If you had some regrets about your fall birthday, now I hope you see what advantages you can take of it! Do you know some other benefits of having birthday in fall?