7 Reasons Autumn Is the Best Season to Start Changing Your Life

While it’s believed that spring is the perfect season to start changing a life, there are a few undeniable reasons autumn is the right time to make some drastic changes in your life. Nowadays many people suffer from depression and serious mood swings during the fall. I had suffered from autumn/winter depression for a few years and I was so unhappy when these two so beautiful seasons came. I didn’t notice the beauty of the fall foliage and I didn’t set any goals to achieve this season since I thought it was not the right time for making changes. Luckily, I understood that autumn is a mesmerizing season and it’s possible to accomplish any tasks even when it’s cloudy and raining outside. Positive thinking is the key to success. Last year I learnt to stay positive during the fall as well as during the winter. I learnt to enjoy the nature and focus on my goals. I stopped thinking that a rainy day is not a happy day and I learnt to think positively no matter what.

Last autumn was successful for me. I quit the job I hated and found my dream job. I started eating healthier, I enrolled in dance classes and I dropped a few unwanted pounds. I made more drastic changes during the autumn months than in spring. This fall, I’m going to achieve even more goals. If you think that autumn is a season of bad mood and depression, read on to find out 7 reasons why autumn is the best season to start changing your life.

1 Focus on your goals

I don’t know about you, but for me a rainy day is the perfect day to focus on my career and personal goals. It may be tempting to spend this day watching TV, but I feel much better about my day when I don’t spend it sitting around and watching television. In fact, autumn is the perfect time to start achieving your goals. You don’t think about your summer vacation and fun summer parties, which means you have more time to think about your life and what you can change about it.

2 Nature inspires

Nature, particularly in spring, has always inspired me to reach my goals. However, I’ve noticed that autumn nature inspires me more. The yellow, orange and red leaves on the trees, the chill air and all those fall fruits and veggies help to boost my mood and energy, and get more done in a day. If you have some difficult problems or you have to take an important decision, head to your local park, enjoy the wonders of the autumn season, clear your mind and make those hard decisions that will help you to change your life for the better.

3 Cultivate positive thinking

When I suffered from autumn depression, I didn’t even think about positive things I had in my life. It’s a huge challenge to stay positive when most people around you are moaning about bad weather and lack of energy. Take up the challenge this autumn and learn to think positively, even when everyone is sad and depressed. This way, you will adopt a new habit that will help you start living your life to the fullest.

4 It’s easier to start eating healthier during the harvest season

If you have a goal to lose weight or simply improve your health, autumn is the perfect time to start adopting healthy eating habits. During the autumn months, most fruits and veggies are cheap, so you can learn how to make healthy meals without worrying about your cooking fails. Moreover, if you adopt your healthy eating habits during the fall season, you will be healthier and have more energy during the winter season.

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5 It’s the best season to start exercising

Last year my goal was to lose 10 pounds. I failed to achieve it in spring and summer and I didn’t think that I’d manage to reach this goal during the autumn months. Since I’m not a big fan of sultry weather, I didn’t even try to start exercising in summer. I realized that it’s easier to work out when it’s a little bit colder outside, not to mention a breathtaking fall foliage that inspired me to go out and exercise more effectively.

6 You have more time for yourself

Want to learn a new language, start your own blog or business? Autumn is the perfect time to do something you really like. I started writing my own blog in fall since I had many free time. Thanks to my blog, I’ve been fortunate to meet lots of wonderful people who helped me to change a few aspects of my life. During the fall months, many people spend most of their time surfing the Internet, playing games or watching TV. While I’m not promoting to stop using social networking sites or watching TV, I suggest you to become more productive this fall. This way, you will have more time to do the things that will help you to change your life for the better.

7 Save more money

Maybe it sounds strange, but autumn is a great time to start saving money for the things you want to buy next year. Whether it’s a new car, furniture or house, start saving your money today to invest them in something you and your family really need. With all those energy, heating and water bills, it can be hard to save a lot of money. But making your budget properly will help you to achieve any goal!

There are many reasons autumn is the best season to start changing your life, but these are my own ones. I love autumn and I don’t think that it’s the season of depression as many people think. Autumn is a fantastic season; we just need to realize it. Have you ever tried to change something in your life during the fall season? What’s your favorite season for making drastic life changes?