7 Ways to Attract a Guy Without Using Your Looks

Oct 19, 2022

Getting attention of the guy you are interested in can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t use your looks. Looks are not everything and personality is much more important than looks. Although guys are highly visual creatures, most of them understand that a woman has a personality attached to her face and her body. If you notice a nice guy, but you think you don’t look your best to get him to like you, try these 7 ways to attract a guy without using your looks.

1 Don’t avoid him

If you are not around, you won’t get his attention. Don’t avoid the places where he usually spends his time. For example, if he works at a local cafe, don’t avoid that cafe, instead visit it occasionally to see him and attract him. However, don’t visit this cafe too often, otherwise you might come across as a ‘creeper’ and he might run away from you.

2 Give him attention

If you want to attract a guy without using your looks, you should give him attention. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you have to shower your crush with compliments; a few compliments will be enough to show him you are interested in him. If the guy walks past you, give him attention. If you are not brave enough to start a conversation, just make eye contact or give him a flirty, cute smile.

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3 Be confident

If you start a conversation with the guy you like, try to stay confident when you chat. Although everybody knows what it feels like to be a little nervous when speaking to a person you like, men gravitate towards a woman who acts like she knows what she is doing. Your confidence can help attract the guy you like without showing your skin.

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4 Be yourself

You should be yourself in every situation, especially when you are trying to attract the guy without using your looks. If you like talking about a certain celeb or about your hobby, don’t be afraid to talk about them. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, it won’t do any good. Always be yourself and you will definitely get his attention.

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5 Be friendly

If you can’t approach the guy to chat, try talking to the people around him. If he doesn’t hear you speak, you won’t attract him without your beautiful face and body. When your crush is around, be friendly to others. He will see what a wonderful girl you are. Moreover, he might start a conversation with you and ask you on a date.

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6 Laugh

I don’t mean you should laugh at everything you hear or see, but laughter is an amazing sound and it can help you attract the guy you like. Guys like to be around fun and happy women who know how to enjoy life to the fullest. If the guys sees you laugh at something interesting, he will notice how fun you are, and he can even approach you first. Your smile can impress him too.

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7 Wear perfume with a delicious scent

Finally, last but not least way to attract a man without using your looks is to wear perfume with an amazing scent, which will capture his attention. If he likes this scent, he will automatically think of you each time he smells it in the future. This is one of the most effective ways to stay on man’s mind, especially when you are not around.

While your beautiful face and lean legs can attract that guy faster, your personality can do it too. If he doesn’t like your personality, move on, he is not for you. You need a man who will care about you no matter your looks. Do you know any other ways to attract a guy without using your looks?