7 Ways to Attract a Guy Without Using Your Looks

May 22, 2014

Getting attention of the guy you are interested in can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t use your looks. Looks are not everything and personality is much more important than looks. Although guys are highly visual creatures, most of them understand that a woman has a personality attached to her face and her body. If you notice a nice guy, but you think you don’t look your best to get him to like you, try these 7 ways to attract a guy without using your looks.

1 Don’t avoid him

If you are not around, you won’t get his attention. Don’t avoid the places where he usually spends his time. For example, if he works at a local cafe, don’t avoid that cafe, instead visit it occasionally to see him and attract him. However, don’t visit this cafe too often, otherwise you might come across as a ‘creeper’ and he might run away from you.