7 Types of Love You’ll Experience in Your Life

Oct 18, 2022

Although many people associate love with a romantic feeling, there are a few types of love you might experience in your life without realizing it. The classical vision of love includes the unity of two people who fall in love, create a family and have kids. You may have already experienced some feelings similar to love, but you will never know until you figure out what type of love it was.

1 Unrequited love

Unrequited love is probably the most challenging one that makes you suffer and feels a terrific pain. Many people you love just don’t feel the same about you that is quite heartbreaking. This love makes you stronger and more reasonable. You should learn how to control your obsessive and emotional desire to feel loved with the person who doesn’t love you. Try to handle this pain and don’t dwell on it. Just move one, no matter how hard it is. You will have more chances to find your true love if you don’t give up.

2 Platonic love

This type of love doesn’t require you to feel sexual or romantic attachment to the person you like. Platonic love can occur between friends and coworkers. We all experience this common type of love because we work and cooperate with a great number of people every day. You can easily fall in platonic love with a wonderful person that inspires your mind, soul, and directs your attention to spiritual things.

3 Self-love

Do you love yourself? If not, then you have a really low self-esteem. Before you fall in love with someone, fall in love with yourself first. Once you learn to love yourself, it will be easier to love another person. Plus, others will love you too. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and write down all the positive and negative qualities and traits of your character. You will see how awesome and beautiful you are. Don’t be afraid to become a smug egotist. You should realize that you love yourself and deserve to be loved by someone else.

4 Lustful love

You may fall in love with a handsome man you meet every day while commuting. You feel nothing but passion and desire to taste those plump lips. You have just created the image of him in your mind without knowing anythings about him. Do you know at least his name? I think you don’t care. All you can think about is how you’d kiss him.

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5 Pure love

We all see this type of love in romantic movies. Pure love makes you fall in love with the person’s heart, body and soul, without noticing their flaws. It’s when two people lose control and feel emotional burst. Those who have experienced true love are considered the happiest people in the world. There is a belief that true love is given only once.

6 Puppy love

I bet, everyone has experienced this type of love, because it usually occurs in childhood and teen years. This love is full of innocence. If you treat the person like a little lovely puppy, your love can be called “Puppy Love.” Believe it or not, but there’s something magic and fascinating about this type of love. Statistics show that many adults experience puppy love too.

7 Unattainable love

Have you ever been in love with Johny Depp? Ian Somerhalder? Jensen Ackles? No matter how old your unattainable love is, you can’t stop daydreaming about him. You realize that it’s theoretically and practically impossible to live together with your beloved star, but your rich fantasy can do nothing about your obsessive thoughts. Many actors are so perfect that it’s so easy to fall in love with them.

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The older you become, the more types of love you experience. Don’t feel ashamed of your feeling and those types of love you’ve experienced. Any type of love has its advantages and disadvantages. What kind of love have you already experienced? What is the strongest type of love?