4 Ways Food Instagramming Can Inspire You to Eat Healthier

Jun 1, 2017

Could Instagram possibly help you eat healthier and stay on track with your goals? Yes! Healthy-oriented Instagram users often share appetizing images of food to highlight a quick and easy recipe, a wholesome and healthy dinner, meal prep ideas, light but filling snacks, and more.

Viewing these images on a regular basis can inspire you to eat healthier and help you achieve your health and weight loss goals through science, accountability, community support, and long-term goal tracking.

1 Inspirational science

Images of food are most appealing when our brain finds it easy to simulate the act of eating. Food imagery is often seen from a first-person perspective because it is the most visually appealing presentation. Our brains are wired to be attracted to certain images as well. Images that are light, full of texture, have one dominant color, and include background space tend to grab our mind’s attention better than other images.

Many images of food on Instagram are in bright lighting, predominantly one color, and relatively close-up to the dish to provide texture to the image. While browsing recipes and meal prep ideas with bright, colorful images, you can train your brain to see how easy healthy eating can be.

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2 Accountability

Instagram is the best platform for sharing these inspiring images with other users. Social and emotional support from other users can help you stick to your own goals. Many users often strive to provide support for others by answering questions, sharing their goals, and sharing how they deal with obstacles. For some users, feeling accountable to other users and their followers make them be more honest about what they eat.

3 Goal tracking

Sharing images of healthy foods on Instagram allows users to keep track of what they eat, how often they eat healthy, and it can also help them spot trouble areas. While the food may look delicious, they may be using a food item that is not very healthy in large quantities. Tracking goals through images allows the user to check their progress over time.

The idea of sharing images of what users eat plays on the desire to appear healthy to the user’s friends and followers as well. It may help users to stop and think about their food choices and how healthy those food choices may or may not be before they share the images with the Internet and their followers.

4 Support

Users that stay on Instagram and continue to share healthy food imagery after they meet their goals may find that helping and encouraging others to do the same makes it easier for them to maintain their healthy eating habits. It also provides a sense of community among users that are interested in clean eating, fitness, and healthy habits.

This is great for reminding yourself why you started in the first place. If you surround yourself with other people that are working toward similar goals and see them doing well, you will be motivated to do the same.

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Food Instagramming has its downsides as well. But if you use it wisely, you are less likely to see and feel them. Instagram is full of inspiring people who are really obsessed with healthy eating so the next time you need some food inspiration, check out Instagram.