10 Healthy Fiber-Rich Foods

Oct 14, 2022

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Fiber. It is something our bodies need, and most people know they need to get enough of it into their diets, but very few people are. The fact is, Americans are seriously fiber deficient, and it shows in the surge of diseases afflicting the people in our country.

High-fiber foods can help prevent cancer, heart disease, kidney stones, and more. Plus, they help promote a healthy digestive system. And for those seeking to shed some weight, fiber helps keep you feeling fuller longer.

It is not just enough to pour yourself a bowl of fortified cereal in the morning. While it has fiber, it is not even close to the amount your body needs. Plus, it is full of plenty of other junk you do not need. Instead, take note of these fiber-filled foods that will have you getting the right intake of fiber in no time.

1 Berries

Berries, particularly raspberries and blackberries, are a sweet and satisfying way to get your fiber intake. Blackberries have plenty of vitamin K, which increases bone density. Raspberries have a high level of manganese that not only helps healthy bones but also leads to beautiful skin and maintains a steady blood sugar level. Top them on your cereal or non-fat Greek yogurt for a breakfast treat.

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