How to Maximize Your Healthy Food Budget

Aug 7, 2020

If you have to adhere to a strict food budget when you go to the supermarket, you might think that eating healthy is an impossible feat. But it can be done if you know how to shop right. Here is what you should look for when buying healthy foods so you can maximize your dollars and what goes into your belly.

1 Buy fresh seasonal produce

When certain fruits and vegetables are in season, they are much cheaper. Focus your meals on what’s fresh, available and cheap. For example, in the summer, peaches are plentiful and astoundingly cheap. While in fall, apples are everywhere.

Make creative use of these items and combine them with heartier options. Go for a bag of fresh kale that you can use for salads or cook into other dishes. Designate only a limited amount of money to go to your seasonal produce so that nothing goes to waste.

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2 Get dry beans and whole grains

Buying beans in bulk is one of the smartest ways to maximize your healthy food budget. Dry beans require a little more work on your part but are entirely worth it because they are cheaper and they do not have all the excess sodium that their canned counterparts contain.

Whole grains are relatively inexpensive and are an essential component of a healthy diet. Plus, they are filling without wiping out your entire budget. A little bit goes a long way here.

3 Go frozen

Frozen fruits and vegetables are always picked and frozen at the peak of freshness. In this way, you can be sure they will never spoil and will be ready when you are to use them. These are great to have on hand for busy days or when you have run out of fresh produce to use.

Frozen fruits, particularly berries, make for a great way to create a healthy smoothie or top off some Greek yogurt. Frozen spinach is great for a side dish or for adding to a main dish. Choose vegetable medleys that you can easily turn into soup on a cold day for a filling and healthful meal.

4 Choose proteins wisely

You don’t need to give up meat to eat healthily or stay on budget. Keep an eye on what is on sale and use proteins to your advantage. Eggs are a great way to get the protein you need without spending too much.

Plus, there are so many creative ways to cook with them from omelets to soups and beyond that you will never tire of them. Tofu is also budget-friendly and easy to use in just about any style.

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Following these four cornerstones of budget-friendly health food shopping will help you stay in line when you eat healthy. Staying on budget is important, but so is staying healthy. Here is to your health! How do you maximize your healthy food budget?