10 Apps for Women’s Health

Nov 25, 2019

There are many ways we use the power of technology. Modern women use technology for good. Their phones help them plan a day, save money on groceries, and reach their career and weight loss goals. Some women even use their smartphones to scan the food labels for hidden information. With all those apps (thankfully, most of them are free) it seems we save time, money and effort.

However, we often forget about the main thing in life – health. We forget to take the pill and keep track of blood pressure and sugar levels. We skip self-breast examination, and neglect our women’s health. No matter how old you are, it’s important that you take care of your health. Some of these women’s health apps may help you.

1 Women’s Health Diary

There’s a reason why Women’s Health Diary tops the list of the apps for women’s health. First of all, because of the number of features it has. From My Medication Diary and My Menstrual Diary to Women’s Health Screening, Women’s Health Immunization, and Women’s Health Appointment.

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The app also helps to keep track of your calorie intake, BMI, and personal expenses on the go. It’s absolutely free and available on Google Play and iTunes.

2 Baby Steps -The Journey of A Lifetime

Pregnancy is one of the happiest times of a woman’s life. Although most women don’t pay attention to the details of those 40 weeks, some moms-to-be want to know even the smallest detail.

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If you are one of them, then the Baby Steps – The Journey of A Lifetime app is exactly what you need. From baby’s size to development, you will know all the details of your pregnancy. The good news is the app is free and easy to use.

3 The Pill

This app isn’t free, albeit it’s worth your money if you have trouble taking your pills at the same time each day. When you have the Pill app, all you have to do is to set the time and keep the pills handy.

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The app will remind you each day when you should take your pill. As an added bonus, it works in plane mode. You may think that it’s cheaper and easier to use your alarm, but the Pill app has features that your alarm doesn’t have.

4 Period Tracker

If you are looking for the app to track your red weeks only, the Period Tracker app is all you need. It will help you plan your vacations, dates and trips so that your period won’t ruin your plans. The app shows the date of when you may start your period as well as your fertility days. It also helps to keep track of health symptoms, daily moods, weight, notes, and even weather. The app is free, though it has the upgrade option.

5 WebMD

The WebMD app features WebMD Symptom Checker, Medication Reminders, Healthy Living, Healthy Target, Medicine, Conditions, First Aid Essentials and Local Health Listings, making it one of the best apps for women’s health. You’ll find anything that troubles you, create and save your conditions, medicine, pharmacies, hospitals, doctors, healthy living articles, and first aid information. The app is free.

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6 Glow

If you have trouble getting pregnant, the Glow app may help. Sure, it doesn’t mean that you will conceive in a magic way without your doctor’s consultations. The app is just an ovulation calculator that records your mood, period, medications, symptoms, and sex life. It predicts your fertility and can help women undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF and IUI. With a host of wonderful features, this free app is worth trying.

7 Daily Yoga

I believe women should practice yoga on a daily basis. Yoga is good for mental and physical health and it keeps you super fit. The app features 50+ yoga sessions, 500+ yoga poses, 18 background music as well as HD Videos and live voice instructions. You can select any daily yoga program: for hips, back, abs, legs, waist etc. You will also find yoga poses for your red week. When it comes to yoga, the Daily Yoga app can become your go-to guide. The app is free.

8 Early Detection Plan: Breast Cancer

The app will help you learn more about breast cancer signs and symptoms, clinical breast exams, risk factors, mammograms, and how to perform a breast self-exam, depending on your health history and age. The app is free. The best way to combat disease is to detect it early, so make sure you do your breast self-exam regularly. If you notice any changes, see your doctor asap.

9 eMeals

Planning meals and creating grocery shopping lists are two time consuming tasks modern women typically don’t have time for. Healthy eating is crucially important for women’s health. The eMeals app can help you save your precious time, improve your health and control your weight. The app features 50 meal plan options, weekly meal plan with 7 new dinner recipes, and organized grocery list. The app is free, though there are affordable subscription offers.

10 Relax: Stress and Anxiety Relief

Stress, anxiety and depression wreak havoc on women’s health. We can’t avoid stress but we can significantly reduce its level. The Relax app features guided breathing and meditation exercises, along with calming music that may help to relax the mind and body. You will learn how to practice deep breathing that boasts a great number of health benefits. When you control your stress level, you reduce your risk of getting some serious diseases including chronic depression, insomnia, heart disease and cancer.

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It’s difficult to stay healthy in this fast-paced world. Now that women have more opportunities and obligations, they usually neglect their health. Take advantage of your smartphone and let these apps help you to become healthier. Most of them are totally free, so why not try? What are the apps that help you live a healthier life?