10 Fun Apps That Will Make You Smarter

May 26, 2014

There are many apps that will help you exercise your brain and make you smarter. I think it’s the beauty of technology these days. You can use a fun app while stimulating your mind, isn’t it awesome? These incredible apps will help reduce your risk of developing memory loss, improve your cognitive function and strengthen your neural networks. Moreover, you will learn lots of interesting things and boost your memory. Read on to find out a few fun apps that will make you smarter.

1 NYTimes Crosswords


One of the best ways to stimulate your brain and improve your intelligence is to play the crossword puzzles. The NYTimes Crosswords app allows you to solve the same crossword puzzles that are published every day in the newspaper. If you subscribe, you can even solve tomorrow’s puzzle today. The NYTimes Crosswords app is free to download and it comes with a 1-week free trial of the official everyday puzzles from The New York Times. After the trial period, you can buy a subscription to continue solving crossword puzzles and improving your brain function.