7 Confident Steps to Emotional Stability

Oct 28, 2022

Modern human being is a progressive creature that never stops and can’t imagine their life without constant development. Some people just chase riches after material possessions, seek fame and believe that only money makes the world go round; others dedicate the best and the most productive time of their lives to education. Although money and knowledge are the keys that unlock almost all doors, sometimes it’s not enough. Unfortunately, it often happens that rich people of great erudition can’t make use of their knowledge and status in this harsh and complicated world.

Why does it happen? First of all, it’s a problem of mentally weak personalities who lack inner power and don’t know how to keep the wool on when dealing with difficult life situations. Money and erudition can fade away over time, but mental power and emotional stability will always remain in your mind, because these qualities are like an inner anchor.

If you’re extremely vulnerable, sensitive person and you’re sick and tired of being a slave of your mind, you should open yourself up to new experiences and turn into a strong and confident personality. I understand that this task may seem impossible to you, but it’s high time to get all your strength together and take the first confident step in the pursuit of personal growth.

1 Form your own point of view

Point of view is a unique thing given to every person in the world. However, not every one is emotionally strong enough to uphold their opinion and convictions regardless of everything. But it doesn’t mean you should stick definitely to your guns and pay no attention to other people’s pieces of advice and opinions. If you want to be highly successful, you should develop the skill of exhibiting flexibility and exercising much forbearance in communication with people you love, respect or just cooperate with.

Excessive straightforwardness and uncompromising attitude will make you emotionally stronger, but significantly limit your development and drive you into a standstill one day. As soon as you form your own point of view, learn to respect your choice and close your eyes to either well-founded or ungrounded social criticism, you’ll feel inner power and confidence running through your veins and realize that you’re a self-sufficient person who’ll never keep the profile low again.

Furthermore, you’ll become more popular among others, because people usually treat mentally strong individualities, which don’t depend on social opinions, have their own standards, values and vision of the world, with respect.

2 Develop a sense of humor

It may sound strange, but a sense of humor is an essential part of your emotional stability and well-being. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a top manager or a florist, you should know how to relax and blow off steam from time to time. Otherwise, your mind will never reach emotional stability.

The best and the cheapest way to boost your mental power and shield yourself from everyday stress and conflicts is humor. A suitable joke and either frank or even artificial smile can repulse somebody’s emotional attacks in a fitting manner. This way, you’ll come out with clean hands and nonplus an aggressive person in a twinkling of an eye. I try to joke as much as possible, especially at work. It’s my perfect shield that helps me deal with everyday negativity with a head held high.

3 Be ready to look silly

There’s a stereotype that people who do silly and unusual things are failures and buffoons. I believe that the ones who can easily leave the comfort zone, adapt to new conditions and don’t fear to do things they like in front of other people’s eyes are the happiest personalities in the world.

These people may not be always emotionally stable, but I can state with assurance that they’re mentally strong and brave, because they’ve already escaped from the prison of the mind. If you also want to wave goodbye to your comfort zone, you should realize and accept that even highly successful and happy people may look silly when they’re doing something for the first, or even for the second time. Their ability to cope with change, uncertainty and possible failures or stressful situations is the secret of their happiness, emotional stability and success. This skill helps them see the world in bright colors and think optimistically.

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4 Learn to plan your next day

My friend often says that everybody can handle order, but only a genius can master chaos. If you’re a super genius or a master of improvisation, then scheduling isn’t your pair of shoes. But if you’re an ordinary person, not blessed with extraordinary opportunities, then the habit of planning your next day will come you in handy. It will put your mind at ease and bring more comfort in your life.

No matter how you slice it, improvisation is a constant stress that keeps you in suspense all day long. People who are at least a little bit afraid of uncertainty, should avoid improvisation, until they become professionals at everything they do, because uncertainty is the source of panic and fear for them.

Don’t believe those who tell that living according to the plan is a boring thing and the choice of mentally weak people. It’s not true. This is the choice of professionals who prioritize productive life and tend to manage their time effectively.

5 Break a habit of taking excessive responsibility

The main problem of people who lack mental power and emotional stability is the habit of taking up big responsibility for everything happening in their lives. This negative habit should be eliminated as soon as possible, because excessive responsibility can spoil the quality of a sensitive person’s life in a quite short period of time.

First of all, it can affect your mental well-being since there’s a thin line between responsibility and anxiety. If you want to avoid psychological problems in future, try to develop a right attitude towards your responsibilities and understand that your duties have boundaries as well.

I know that giving a helping hand is a good gesture, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness and shoulder somebody’s burden. The only things you should be responsible for are your thoughts, actions, words and behavior. You should never undertake more than it’s within your power to do.

6 Stop kicking yourself for the things you can’t change

The feeling of unfounded guilt is a side effect of excessive responsibility. If you do nothing to handle your responsibilities and suppress the desire to control the uncontrollable, you gradually turn into a panic monger and begin to suffer from various obsessive thoughts.

If you want to feel the power in your mind, give up playing the Blame game, because it can play a low down trick with you some day. Just try to understand that you can change your work, hairdo, lifestyle, but you’ll never make another person think like you want. Your negative thoughts about your inability to change the situation in your own favor can only provoke anxiety and inner conflicts. If something gets out of your hand and you realize that you can do nothing about it, you should just humble yourself and submit to a challenge.

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7 Learn to move forward even when it’s hard

When I was a college student, I faced a lot of challenges in my life. Sometimes it even seemed that the whole world was against me, but I never gave up. I wanted to overcome my fears, diffidence and become mentally tough. I did my best to work toward a positive outcome even when I couldn’t make a go of the activity I was greatly interested in. Frankly speaking, the process of gaining experience and maturation wasn’t a pleasant thing, but that game was worth the candle.

If you want to increase your mind power, you should change your attitude towards mistakes and understand that every time you handle failure with dignity, you develop emotional strength and stability in your mind.

The path to mental stability is difficult and thorny – it requires much time and hard mental work. But you shouldn’t step back, because there’re no insurmountable barriers in this life. Just follow these pieces of advice and you’ll quickly achieve a desirable result. Do you agree that emotional stability and mental power are crucially important today? What other secrets on how to reach mental stability do you know? Share your experiences with us!