8 Things You Should Never Feel Ashamed of

Oct 27, 2022

People may try to make you feel ashamed of the clothes you wear or the job you have but you should never take those remarks seriously. You can be nice and kind but there’s always someone who is ready to judge and criticize you all day long. Don’t let them break your self-confidence. Instead, let others think what they want but keep doing what you need and it`ll bring you closer to success. Here are the most important things you should be proud of, despite being shamed or judged by other people.

1 Weight

Most people are obsessed with their weight these days. Whether you are skinny or plump, it means nothing at all if you feel healthy. When you meet someone who tries to hurt you by telling you that you have to put on weight or drop it, get rid of those people in your life. It`s your own body and only you can decide whether to change it or not. The number of the scale doesn’t make you a bad person so ignore any comments about your weight.

2 Gender

Your gender isn`t something you could choose. As a woman, you should be proud of your gender. Although women are considered weak, we are even more powerful with all our beauty and brilliant intuition than men. You know that being a woman is a valuable gift. We give birth to a new life and make the world happier place to live in, therefore you should never feel ashamed of your gender.

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3 The number of guys

People often judge those women who have had many relationships. You surely shouldn`t care about that. If your boyfriend is interested in the number of guys you had in the past, you have a full right to avoid answering to this question. If you want to answer, don’t feel ashamed of the number of men that you’ve been with. It’s your life so if he doesn’t understand you, it doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you – it means he doesn’t love you.

4 The way of thinking

Everyone has their own point of view. You may have some special way of thinking and not everyone is able to understand you. People tend to criticize things that they can`t understand thus you may feel someone is trying to make fun of you. But your thoughts are unique and you should be proud of them regardless of the situation.

5 Hobbies

When a man decides to do something (for example, cooking) no one makes fun of them. On the other hand, when a woman wants to do something that generally men do, everyone notices that and some try to prevent you from doing what you really want. Your hobby is your personal interest that shouldn`t depend on someone`s point of view, except yours, of course. If you are interested in boxing, your gender shouldn`t bother you. Doing something that gives you pleasure is great and it doesn`t need to be appreciated by everyone around you.

6 Diet

If you are a vegetarian you know how it’s hard and boring to tell others that you are fine and healthy and you don’t want to eat meat. When I decided to give up meat for good, it was a shock to everyone I knew at that time, and even still many wonder how I can live without meat at all. I feel great, look great and I’m absolutely healthy, so what’s the problem? I’m proud of my eating habits and not going to get rid of any of them.

7 Clothes

Enjoy wearing bold clothes? Great. It’s okay to show off your skin every now and then. Clothes count for first impressions. What you wear doesn`t define you, your brain or your spiritual inner world. If someone doesn’t like your style, ignore them. While it’s useful to change and improve your style, it shouldn’t be the main problem of your life.

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8 Career

Whether you want to become a successful lawyer or you dream of becoming a stay-at-home mom, it’s your choice. Never feel ashamed of it. It`s your own life and you can decide what to do to be happier and wealthier. It’s okay to be interested in earning money as well as it’s better to give birth to 5 or more kids.

You can’t please everyone and you are not supposed to live according to someone’s rules. It’s your own life. Never let anyone shame you for your own decisions. Most of those that try to make fun of you simply can`t make their own choice and their terrible attitude is the only thing they can do to protect themselves. Have you ever felt ashamed of any of these things?