10 Times I Have Experienced Hygge and You Probably Too

Jan 16, 2017

As I sat down, sipping my cup of tea, breathing in the scent of my favorite Bath and Body Works candle, I hadn’t realized that I had been taking part in hygge. It was one just recently that I realized I have experienced the newly discovered concept on several occasions in my life. Chances are, you probably have had a handful of times in which you have experienced hygge as well. Let’s back up for a second thought. What exactly is hygge?

Hygge, pronounced “hoo-ga” or “hue-ga,” derives from a Danish concept that cannot be translated into a single word. Essentially, it is the feeling of warm, cozy contentment in one’s life. The concept is mainly focused on enjoying the simple things in life.

Initially, I had no idea about this weird concept that was trending all over social media. When I began doing some more research on it, I decided to reflect on some of the times that I have experienced hygge. Hopefully, you will be able to incorporate some of these small things into your life to have your own hygge experience.

1 I poured myself a cup of tea

After a long day, one of the best things I love to do is make myself a warm cup of tea and just reflect on my day. Studies have shown that a cup of tea a day can assist in recovering more quickly from everyday life stresses. Once the stress of the day was lifted from my shoulders, I could find solace in the warmth of my tea.

2 I watched the snow fall

Instead of dreading the inevitability of having to shovel the snow from the ground, I decided to watch the snowflakes with a child-like wonder. Watching the snowflakes grow into large mounds that blanketed the ground has a calming effect on me. There is something about watching the snow that brings you back to simpler times.

3 I put on my coziest socks

Anytime I am at home and need a little comfort in my day, I throw on a pair of fuzzy socks. It is one of the simplest ways to gain that warm and cozy feeling that hygge requires.

4 I put on a onesie

Anytime I am feeling under the weather, I throw on a onesie because nothing compares to the comfort of being fully surrounded by comfort and warmth. Much like throwing on a pair of fuzzy socks, a onesie helps to surround me in that cozy feeling.

5 I laid in bed all day

There comes a time where you just have to disconnect from everything, and I decided to treat myself with a day in bed. This included a mandatory glass of wine, popcorn and watching my favorite movie.

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6 I napped with my best friend

Hygge does not mean being alone. In fact, togetherness is a big part of hygge. You can experience hygge while also spending time with your friends and nothing says friendship like being able to nap together. After a long day of schoolwork and a fair share of mundane activities, we decided to treat ourselves to dinner and a few episodes of our current television obsession. Two or three episodes in, we ended up falling asleep. I do not think we could have been more content and cozy if we tried.

7 I wore a soothing mask

Another great way I fully immerse myself in the hygge experience is by taking some time to pamper myself. If I do not have time for a bubble bath, I make sure I set aside a little time to really moisturize my skin with a mask. This is especially important during this bitterly cold winter.

8 I bundled up in front of the fireplace

The textbook way of practicing hygge would have to be the picturesque scene of bundling up to in front of the fireplace. During a huge snowstorm, the power went out, so to keep warm, my family and I set up some pillows and blankets in front of the fireplace for a night of board games, jokes, and stories.

9 I enjoyed a Netflix marathon with my sister

After my sister moved out and found a place of her own, I regularly invited myself over to spend some time with her. On one of these many occasions, we decided to get into our pajamas, pop some popcorn, and binge on cheesy Christmas movies.

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10 I read a book

This has to be my favorite way to hygge. Many of my friends dread the thought of reading a book, but I love the idea of being transported into a different dimension, time or place. As I find myself engrossed in a thrilling romance, I find that my stress from school, work or friends completely dissipates and I’m able to enjoy reading a story. Reading allows me to get lost in another world and really forget the troubles of the day.

As you can see, there is not one “right” way to hygge. Each experience is unique, but they all have one thing in common; you are enjoying the simple things in life in cozy and comfortable way. If you have never experienced hygge before, try it out, using one of my experiences.