10 Weird Activities That Will Help You Find That Missing Spark

Jan 12, 2017

All relationships get a little too ‘routine’ from time to time. Often we feel guilty for not keeping the spark alive. I want to allay some of that guilt by reminding you that we all find ourselves in this place from time to time, it is only natural. But that does not mean you have to unpack and stay in your routine forever. How about shaking things up a little? Here are ten strange and creative ideas for activities to reignite your missing spark.

1 Segway session

Let’s start with a really entertaining one. Have you ever tried to use a Segway? They are great once you find your balance, but getting started is a laugh a minute. Go and have a good laugh together while getting some fresh air too.

2 Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you both love animals, then here is something I do with my partner from time to time. It is a bit of hard work, but great to work together and feel good about what you both did with your day. Plus, you get to cuddle animals together.

3 Babysit (or pet sit if you prefer)

Taking care of a child, or an animal, brings out our softer, nurturing side. What a great way to remind each other about some of those great qualities you each fell in love with. Plus, you are earning some points with whomever you babysit for. So the next time you need a sitter you can get the favor returned and head out for a night together.

4 House swap

Have you heard of house swapping? It can be done in your own country or abroad. There are many websites where you can arrange to have a holiday staying in someone else’s home, while those homeowners stay at your place. It is a lovely way to see another part of the country, or the world, without paying hotel prices. It is also much more homely.

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5 Train for a marathon

Okay, it does not have to be a full 26.2 miles of pounding the tarmac. You might prefer a charity bike ride or a climb. The idea here is to take on a big physical challenge together. The regular training will give you something new in common. And these sorts of events create memories that last a lifetime.

6 Start an Instagram account

I don’t mean just for yourself, but for your shared passion. One of my favorite examples of this is the account Chief Justice Oliver. This account is run by an Australian couple and documents their life with their dog, Ollie. You could say that Ollie is the focus of the account and their shared interest. Have you got a pet, hobby or interest in common that you could ‘Gram together?

7 Blog together

Perhaps you are parents, nature lovers, or maybe a couple who works together?Whatever makes the two of you who you are as a couple, that is your angle. I think this is a really creative way to revisit a common interest that brought you together before routine set in. It is also a lovely creative outlet.

8 Learn a language

Have a shared goal, and communicate secretly around your family. Learning a language is a challenge, so here you have the opportunity to help each other and grow together.

9 Unplanned adventure

Have you heard of couples packing a weekend bag, grabbing their passports and just picking a random destination from the screens at the airport? It does not get much more spontaneous and exciting than having an unplanned adventure together.

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10 Build something

Teamwork makes the dream work. It also can be a great reminder of how compatible you are, or how the two of you compliment each other. This could be as small as a spice rack or as big as a garden shed. Pick something manageable and be proud of your efforts.

Do you have a hobby or interest that you share with your partner? If it brings you closer together then we would love to hear about it. Please do leave us a comment.