7 Signs Your Ex Regrets Breaking up with You

May 12, 2016

Many ladies who have gone through a series of unsuccessful relationships say that all men are harsh, indifferent and heartless creatures. They mistakenly believe that breakups are not as painful to men as to women. It is nothing but a myth.

Sometimes men initiate breakups, because swallowing the pride is against their nature. They often regret about careless words and wrong actions that put an end to relationships and made their life meaningless. Here are the signs that he regrets now and his feelings for you are still alive.

1 He asks your friends about you

When partners build long-lasting relationships, their hearts and lives gradually knit as one. They start making mutual friends, adopting the same habits and creating their own traditions. From time to time, guys and girls split up or get back together, but friends always stick together.

Whether you like it or not, but if your mutual friends tell you that your ex still has a strong interest in your life, it means that it is not over. He asks your friends about you every day because he still worries about you.

2 He stalks you on social media

Today social media has become a perfect tool that helps us spy on other people’s profiles and be informed of almost all important events happening in their lives. Everything is so easy, because we are used to share our lives on social media.

If you ex still likes your photos and behaves in a friendly manner, he is making an attempt to show you that he does not want to let you go. You can stop it with the help of blacklist function, but it is a sign that he is missing you.

3 He still calls you when he is drunk

Men tend to behave in an extremely reserved manner during the breakup process. But later they call their exes, especially after drinking a double whiskey, and try to justify their actions.

While many girls usually do not trust a word they say, I think it is better to hear their thoughts at least once, because the words and actions of a drunk person are usually the genuine thoughts and intentions of a sober one.

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4 He has not dated any girl since your breakup

If your mutual friends say that your ex remains vitally interested in your life and refrains from entering into serious relationships after your breakup, it means that he either deeply regrets it and wholeheartedly believes that you can get back together one day or his long-lasting loneliness is the result of a psychological disorder. In most cases, it is the first reason, because fidelity is a strong psychological weapon.

5 He still keeps in touch with your family

Men who feel total indifference towards their women, try to break off the relationship and burn all bridges for the sake of their emotional and physical well-being. As a result, communication with the ex girlfriend’s family members becomes impossible and meaningless.

If your ex keeps in touch with your family after your breakup and behaves as if nothing happened, then his feelings are still strong and he is fully intended to repair the relationship.

6 He keeps your photos

Your ex is not the only one who can Facebook stalk you. If you visit his profile and notice that he keeps your photos and notes dedicated to you and your relationship, then he is sorry that he did not find the right words to hold you back at the moment of a breakup.

Sure, he may just forgot to remove the reminders of love from his social network profiles. But if he is often online, then it is highly unlikely. After all, who wants to keep the photos of the person we do not love anymore?

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7 He tries to change for the better

Couples usually break up when they cannot reach mutual understanding or do not accept each other for who they are. Men are stable creatures and they do not like to work on their self-improvement. It is easier to say, ‘I am who I am and I will never change.’

But breakups often work miracles. If your ex makes attempts to change for the better and finally achieves desired goals, then this emotionally tough person still loves you and deserves a second chance.

It is difficult to understand men, but you should remember that they are human beings who feel emotional pain as well. I hope this article will help you notice the signs that he is still in love with you. Are you ready to give him a second chance?