7 Things to Remind Yourself of When a Guy Leaves You

Apr 16, 2016

You have been in a happy relationship for a while and nothing seems to ruin your happiness. It is a beautiful spring evening and you are waiting for your significant other to come home. He comes and unexpectedly say that he loves another woman. This is what the most painful breakup looks like.

It is easier to deal with a failed relationship when you feel that this is going to happen in the nearest future. But when you do not expect, it is like a thunder out of a clear sky. At that moment, you should remind yourself of the following things:

1 It is not because of you

Whether he blames you for a failed relationship or he admits it is his fault, do not blame anyone. You two were not meant to be together. It means that you did not meet your soulmate yet. Sometimes people have to deal with many failed relationship before they find their true love. It was a lesson that you had to learn. Be open to a new relationship. Tears won’t help.

2 Time flies so fast

Are you sure spending another night crying is worth it? Time flies so fast that you will not notice that you have no chance to find the one. Set limits. Today, you can allow yourself to cry, but when you wake up tomorrow, you will smile and keep looking for your love. There are so many great guys around you, and maybe your soulmate is closer that you think.

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3 The freedom is precious

Now that you are single, you can do whatever you want and whenever you wish. There is no annoying boyfriend who is trying to control your life. You finally have time to discover yourself, try new hobbies, get a promotion or simply enjoy more time with friends. Even though the couples say they are free to do what they want, it is not true. You probably know that.

4 You have courage to let go

You are smart, strong and courageous. You deserve better. A breakup is not the end of the world and you have enough power to eliminate that person from your life. Do not lose yourself. No matter how many stones your exes have thrown at you, they help you become stronger and smarter than you were before. Stop dwelling on the past relationships, and instead, turn over a new leaf.

5 Do not undermine your worth

You have an incredibly rich inner wisdom. Do not undermine your worth. Just because he left you does not mean you are miserable. The more you fill your life with inner wisdom, purpose and dreams, the less energy and time you will waste crying, blaming and comparing yourself to others. Nourish your positive attitude and confidence on a daily basis. There is no one who can make you smile better than you.

6 It is a new beginning

Be wise enough to motivate yourself to move forward, and patient enough to wait for the love you deserve. Yes, your heart is breaking. The pain is so strong that it is slowly tearing you to pieces. You can dwell on what you did wrong, but it will not change anything. While you are you in mourning, your life is changing. It is a new beginning and the opportunities are endless.

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7 It is better to be alone than suffer from unrequited love

Staying in a relationship when you do not love him or he has no feelings for you is just a waste of energy, time, and effort. There is no sense in jumping into a new relationship just to heal your broken heart. You will only worsen the situation. Don’t be afraid to stay alone. It is the easiest and fastest way to find your true love.

The next time a guy leaves you, remember, it is not the end of your life. There are millions of guys around the world. You have all chances to meet your soulmate, and spend the rest of your lives together. Believe in yourself. Believe in your destiny. One day you will become the happiest woman in the world.