5 Situations Where It Is Better to Burn Bridges

Jun 26, 2016

When you move to another city, leave your job, or break up with ex-partners and friends, everyone keeps telling you, ‘Do not burn bridges.’ Even though these words mean a lot, there are a few situations where it is best to burn bridges, move forward and build new relationships. I love an idea of leaving people in life ‘just in case,’ but when those people drain you or you drain them, there is no point in staying in touch with them.

I have burnt many bridges and lost many people who might help me today. I do not regret it. Life is full of wonderful people, so I do not afraid to lose those who need to be lost. If you feel guilty of stopping keeping in touch with your former coworkers, friends, or anyone who could help you in future, ditch guilt for good. Here is why:

1 Your former boss is not going to help you build a new career path

No matter how great your former employer is, do not expect them to help you become an entrepreneur or land your dream job. All they can do is give you some pieces of advice and wish you good luck. They can promise you mountains of gold, but in reality, they do not care about you.

Chances are, they will not help you in need so carving out time for regular calls and chats might be a waste of time. Sure, it all depends on the type of person they are, but in most cases, former employers stop caring about their employees’ lives as soon as they quit a job.

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2 Your ex-friends become your biggest enemies

Losing friends is always hard, but no one is able to avoid this experience. Oftentimes, we have to let go of them to move forward. Maintaining a friendship that has no future is like trying to save a relationship that is doomed to fail.

I know it from my own experience and many readers complain about the troubles their ex-friends caused to them. Once a friendship is over, do not hope to restore it, because it is really over. Even if you manage to fix your failed friendship, you will not be the best friends anymore. It is okay to burn bridges when it comes to so-called friends. You simply do not need them in your life.

3 Your ex is holding you back

You do not have to be friends with your ex. Your relationship is over, and it is time to focus on building a new one. Holding onto a past relationship because you do not want to feel lonely or you hope you will marry him one day is a huge mistake. Being single is not the end of the world and it is a great break for you to find out your life goals, set priorities and re-discover yourself.

4 You move to another city to start a new life

They say we can’t escape the past. While this definitely is true, it is possible to forget the past if you burn bridges. Having someone from the past in your new life might stop you from experiencing new feelings and trying new things.

If you made tons of mistakes and survived many tough times in the past, the best thing you can do to heal your mind and soul is to leave behind people, relationships, and habits that were not good for you. Walk into your new life without carrying baggage from the past one. Never look back.

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5 They do not help you grow

I do not know who does not help you grow, but you know. Be it a coworker, a college friend, a cousin, or a neighbor, if there is no room for them in your life. Let them go. I desperately tried to stay in touch with my school friends because I believed burning bridges is bad, but our conversations always started with, Hi, how are you?’ – ‘I am okay, thanks,’ and ended right after those words with, I have to go, see you.’

I realized that I did not need them in my life. They played no role in my personal growth. They did not help me survived the hard times and I did not help them either. Do not fret to burn bridges with those whom you do not see in your future.

Burning bridges helps to move forward. It helps to feel relief and add hours to your daily schedule. Allow yourself to meet new people, build new relationships, and experience new things without looking back. Do not feel guilty. After all, everything happens for a reason. Do you think burning bridges is okay?