6 Tricks to Avoid a Heartbreak in 2018

Jan 6, 2020

I have never planned to get my heart broken; I never wanted to get hurt but then I could have avoided this pain. As human beings, we are not afraid to love; rather we are afraid to get hurt. We are not afraid of commitment; rather we are afraid to waste our time. It is not the relationship we’re scared of; it is the possibility of coming out of that relationship with broken pieces of our heart.

Many believe a heartbreak is inevitable and it can never be avoided. This assumption is completely wrong, though. The same way we avoid dangers and trouble, we can avoid heartbreaks. It is this simple:

1 Work on yourself

Sit down and access yourself. Find out your weakness in relationships and work on it. No one wants to buy a broken car, but they would spend a whole lot to get a brand new car. This is the same with relationships; no one wants to be involved with a damaged partner. The only earthly person that can love you and never hurt you is yourself.

“Love yourself” as Justin Bieber sings. Heartbreaks can leave you damaged and miserable. What is left for you is to pick yourself up and build yourself to become whole again. You have to love and appreciate the person you are. You have to love your flaws and be comfortable while rocking your imperfections.

I do not mean bad attitude and personality. Respect yourself and be confident in your skin. Pursue your dreams and become independent – do not depend on any man to build you or take care of you. Depend on yourself to avoid getting disappointed or hurt.

2 Know what you want

When it comes to relationships, you have to know the type of relationship and partner you want and head towards the direction of your needs. Never settle for less than you deserve. Most people believe they can change a person, but this assumption is wrong.

No one can be changed except they want to be changed. It is really difficult to change a person, as the saying goes “you can take the donkey to the stream, but you cannot force it to drink the water.”

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3 Have a hobby, not just a distraction

It is okay to feel lonely, but it is not okay to get into a relationship because you are single. Look for a craft and get busy with it. Not only will you have the perfect distraction, but will be making a productive use of your time as well.

Also, you can avoid the feeling of loneliness by mingling with friends and family. You only feel lonely when you are alone so hang out with those you love as often as possible.

4 Listen and observe

To avoid wasting your time on any meaningless relationship you have to be an observer. People reveal who they are by what they say and how they behave. You just have to pay attention to the details about them.

Their past relationships particularly tell what they are capable of. If they can break the heart of their ex, what makes you different? Do not assume “we have a connection” and ignore all the red flags.

5 Avoid the pedestal

You just have to realize that no one is perfect and it is our imperfections that make us perfect. You have to realize that everyone has flaws, so stop “worshiping” your partner.

Do not get me wrong but this is bad at the beginning stage of a relationship and worse if you are just crushing on someone. “Slow and steady wins the race,” before you decide to be like Bruno Mars and catch a grenade for your partner, you have to be 100% sure that he is worth dying for.

Do not assume he is worth it. You have to “test the waters” to know him. Go on dates, endure obstacles together, have the same dreams (family wise and any other that matters) and listen to the signs. Do not worship your partner; he is not a “god” but a mere human being like you.

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6 Easy on your daydream

Sure, daydreaming is good, as it helps you explore the creativity of your imagination. But daydreaming gets bad when you refuse to face reality and have unrealistic expectations.

You begin to think about marriage, babies, old age with your partner and all. This can be beautiful if it is mutually seen by both partners, but if it is one-sided, you have to wake up from your daydream and face reality.

Finally, always trust your guts. Your subconscious is a gift, use it to as a guide in your actions and decision, but never mix your instincts with your emotions.