10 Questions to Ask Your Ex That Will Help You in the Future

Apr 14, 2016

In the beginning, you regard your relationship as being happy and long-term. Unfortunately things are not always great. Every couple has rough spots, and if you and your ex broke up that means both of you did something wrong. Unless you have a tenuous or hostile relationship with your ex partner, try to ask him these question. They might help you avoid common relationship mistakes, build a successful relationship and better yourself along the way. Just be sure to tell him that you need honest answers only.

1 Did you really love me?

This seemingly stupid question may save you from a heartbreak in the future. In case he did not love you, you will at least know how a guy who knows nothing about true love behaves.

2 Why did you agree to break up?

If you were the one to initiate the breakup, but you did it in anger and now regret it, this question will help you find out the truth. Maybe your ex was waiting for you to leave him or he simply tried to make you walk away from him.

3 What did I do wrong?

If you have a friendly relationship with your ex, asking this type of question may help you explore your flaws that may prevent you from building a successful relationship. Do not dwell on his words, though. Remember we all have negative traits to get rid of.

4 What could we do to save our love?

While this is a kind of hey-let’s-try-again attitude, asking your ex about the mistakes both of you committed is an effective way for you to understand that your relationship is over and it cannot be saved or fixed. This will hopefully help you to move on.

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5 Did you ever cheat on me?

Okay, there is no sense in digging in the past. But again, you will know what you missed and ignored in your previous relationship. You know, guys are sneaky when it comes to cheating. Since your relationship is over, he may want to tell you the truth.

6 Do you think about me at times?

Just because a guy thinks about you does not mean he loves you. It means you are a wonderful gal who has many good traits. There is definitely something that makes your ex think about you at times. Don’t you want to figure it out?

7 Did you respect my parents because I asked you to?

You want your future husband to respect your parents. Like I said, in the beginning everything seems to be great, but pretending is a bad policy. Many couples have trouble getting along with in-laws and this often leads to breakups. If your ex confesses he never loved or respected your family, make sure you will be more careful with your partners in the future.

8 Do your parents ask about me?

I have a very complicated relationship with my ex, but at the same time I have a fantastic relationship with his parents. Just because you and your ex broke up does not mean you must break up with his parents too. It is totally okay to keep in touch with them.

9 What does your new girlfriend think about me?

This is a plain curiosity and nothing more. Do not ask this question if you are a sensitive person. And, of course, do not compare yourself to her.

10 Did you ever think or plan you would marry me?

It is a curious question, right? You had been together for a while or many years, so you have the right to know if he was serious about your relationship. If he wasn’t, make conclusions and avoid this type of guys down the road.

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If you have a tendency to overthink even the tiniest problem in your life, you should avoid asking any of these questions. They are for those girls who do not care about their exes but are simply curious about what went wrong in the past relationships. If you were given a chance to talk to your ex, what questions would you ask him?