5 Immature Habits That Can Tank Any Relationship

Sep 25, 2017

So you have got a boyfriend and everything is fabulous. Until you have a massive fight. The next thing you know, you are ripping each other apart on Facebook. Your friends are running for the hills in an attempt not to take sides. And then, just like that, you make up and everyone has to act like they do not feel completely awkward around you guys until you break up for good.

What went wrong? You engaged in an immature behavior, and that is a surefire way to destroy something good. You are not in the middle school anymore so it is time to grow up and act like a mature adult in your relationships, even if you have a valid reason to be angry. Not every argument should lead to a breakup.

How do you handle it going forward? Look at the following immature habits and if you are guilty of doing them, take the steps to change them.

1 Arguing via text messages

Okay, we live in a digital society. Part of that is communicating through text messages but if you are always picking fights with your boyfriend through texts instead of talking to him face-to-face, it is a sign you are not mature enough for a full-fledged relationship.

Besides, you can misconstrue just about any text message, so take a deep breath, calm down and speak to him about it like an adult when you see each other.

2 Using spontaneity the wrong way

Being spontaneous is great in the bedroom and brings an element of fun for certain activities together. However, in order for relationships to thrive, you need consistency. If you can’t get it together enough to make some solid plans, then your relationship will be doomed.

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3 Breaking your promises

You told him you would come watch him at his big soccer league game, but you flaked. It does not matter if you like soccer or not, being there means being there. It is one thing if something urgent comes up for work once, but if you habitually break the promises you make, you are being immature.

4 Blasting your drama on social media

It does not matter if your life is good and you are posting the thousandth photo of you two lip-locked in front of the Statue of Liberty or if things are tough and you are chastising him in front of friends and coworkers.

It is immature to share way too much about your relationship. Posting some pleasant highlights is always nice but refrain from humble bragging in the good times and definitely do not ever share negativity publicly.

5 Never saying sorry

You are not perfect, and that is okay. You do not need to be. You are going to make mistakes. It is a fact of life. So when you do, apologize for them. It is the mature and responsible thing to do.

If you can’t say you are sorry for blowing up at your boyfriend because you thought he ate the last slice of cake when it was really hidden behind the juice in the fridge, then you’re more concerned with your pride than having a healthy relationship.

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Avoid taking these five immature actions and you will finally manage to build a long-term, happy relationship. Are you guilty of being immature in relationships? Tell us!