7 Things Every Guy Does Right After a Breakup

Jun 1, 2016

The breakup is a difficult emotionally intense event for both men and women. When partners realize that everything is over, they experience enormous stress and pain.

As highly emotional creatures, women tend to stay home, crying their eyes out right after a breakup, but sometimes they run to extremes and do things without considerable thinking.

In this regard, there is almost no difference between men and women. Guys do not cry, but do crazy things and behave in a strange manner as well. Want to know what every guy does right after a breakup? Keep reading.

1 Focuses on himself

There is a type of men who plunge into the ocean of love, sacrifice and dedicate themselves to their women. They just suffocate in the relationship, burnout, lose their identity and style.

The breakup is a painful thing, but it changes the life of these men for the better. It gives them an opportunity to breathe in a gulp of fresh air, look at the world from a different angle and understand that personal space and development are crucially important. When they break up, they start living on their own terms, satisfying their needs and buying everything they have long been denied.

2 Pumps the iron

Instead of going to a psychologist and sharing the emotional pain with friends, manly men prefer to go to the gym. This sacred place helps them relieve stress, recover from a broken heart and regain their self-esteem.

Almost every modern gym has a punching bag. This tool gives a broken-hearted man a chance to blow off some steam and release deep-seated feelings of resentment and anger. The main thing is not to over-exercise because delayed onset muscle soreness can only worsen the situation.

3 Tries to win her back

If he is still in love with his ex and understands that a breakup was his fault, he will certainly make an attempt to get her back, before it is too late. Chances are, he is sitting in front of the computer now and googling how to bring a girlfriend back.

He is ready to work miracles to earn forgiveness from her. The success of his attempts usually depends on the sincerity of his words and actions.

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4 Gets addicted to social media

During the breakup conversation, partners usually say a lot of harsh things to each other. These careless words can cut a man to the heart with ease. They do not weep on the best friend’s shoulder but often fill their Facebook feeds with lots of philosophical posts and whining statements.

They try to prove the whole world that love is nothing else, but a losing game, women are insidious and life is unbelievably cruel. It is difficult for them to forgive the ex and let her go.

5 Takes a vow

Almost all men promise themselves that they will never fall in love again, but not every guy keeps his word because this promise is nothing else, but a flash of despair. At these moments, men dream only about solitude, tranquility, peace of mind and loneliness.

The feelings of hatred, resentment and aversion are predominant in their hearts. They suffer. Fortunately, time heals all wounds and arouses their interest in building long-lasting relationships with women again.

6 Reconnects with his old friends

A breakup completely changes the life and gives him a lot of free time. Instead of sitting alone with obsessive thoughts or falling into depression, men tend to reconnect with their old friends.

They believe that communication and time spent in the circle of these people will boost their self-esteem and help them put things in some order in the mind, analyze the situation and make the right decision. Old friends, alcohol, funny jokes, stories of the past can quickly mend a man’s broken heart.

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7 Does a mistake he regrets later

The end of a relationship is often a big tragedy for those men who cannot imagine their life without sex. They start looking for a quick, easy and uncomplicated hookup.

Today, it is not necessary to go to the bar, if you want to find a partner for a one night stand. That is why lonely men try to solve their breakup problems with the help of no strings attached dating sites.

Each guy copes with a breakup in his own way, but the mistakes are pretty the same. If you love him, give him a second chance. He probably deserves it. What are the other things men do after a breakup?