10 Things to Do instead of Getting Revenge on Your Ex

Jan 9, 2017

It is always hard when you break up with someone, regardless of the reason. Maybe you just were not a good fit or maybe he cheated on you. Those feelings of hurt can run deep and really affect you. You may think the only way to be at peace again is to get revenge on your ex, but I am here to tell you there are much better ways to pick yourself up and move on. These ten things to do instead are sure to help you through this difficult time.

1 Get all that anger out

There is nothing like the high of adrenaline you get when you work out and getting all that anger out through running or punching something will make you feel immensely better. Get all of that frustration out in a healthy way instead of getting revenge.

2 Give a helping hand

Sometimes volunteering and giving our time to help others who are in need can put your life into perspective. Your breakup is not nearly as bad as the kind homeless people who do not have the money for food. Volunteering can lift your spirits and make you feel like you are doing something worthwhile with your time.

3 Keep your mind busy

Sometimes what you really need is to take your mind off of what happened. Do anything and everything you can to stay busy to keep you from thinking about him. Eventually, you will not need to be busy, he will just fade away.

4 Escape for a while

Go anywhere in the country or the world. Live your life. You are free so get out there and enjoy it. Go to a beach, a city and have the time of your life. Soon you will forget how crappy you felt.

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5 Put pen to paper

If you are the girl who enjoys putting pen to paper, do it and tell the paper how you feel. Get it all out in the open and be as descriptive as possible about your feelings. Putting it all down is really therapeutic.

6 Do something for you

Go on a spa day, paint your bedroom, pick up all those books you have been dying to read. Do something for you and you only. If you have been working hard without days off for months, take that day off today and forget about everything and everyone.

7 Spend a weekend watching your fav movies

Curl up in bed and watch all the bad movies you want, even better if accompanied by wine. Not a big fan of bad movies? Opt for Turkish serials – they are so fantastic that you will not notice how time flies. By the end of the weekend you will be ready to move on past him.

8 Unfriend him

It is goes without saying, but I want to remind you in case you forgot to do it earlier. Get rid of him from your life on all social media. You do not need that in your life and you are not getting revenge, you are just cutting him loose. Goodbye, so long, move on.

9 Flirt with others

Go out and let yourself be single again. Have fun and flirt with whomever you like because now you can. Enjoy this new freedom rather than wallow in it. Just be careful with those cocktails.

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10 Eat your favorite food that he hated

Get a pizza, get some Chinese, get whatever you want that makes you happy and enjoy the heck out it. Even better, get something you love that he hated. You do not need to please him anymore.

These ten things are so much better than getting revenge on your ex because they are about you and making you feel better. Forget him and be the best version of yourself. That is all you can hope for.