6 Unexpected Things That Really Matter to Him

Sep 1, 2017

You have a list of things you expect the person who is right for you to fulfill. There are certain things that matter. It is the same for him as well.

Yet, while you might be thinking of asking whether he is a leg or bust kind of guy, there are a couple of traits and interests that he has you may find completely off-the-wall. In actuality, there are a number of unexpected things that really matter to him. Here are a few of the most important:

1 Whether or not you love the outdoors and sports

There are “indoor people” and “outdoor people” in this world. Depending on your hobbies, you might be the kind of person that spends loads of time indoors, curled up on the couch.

However, men who love being outside or playing sports usually want a gal who is as into the wilderness as they are. They want someone who can attend baseball games with them or play soccer like the just of the group. It matters because they want to share that interest with you.

2 Your intelligence level

So what if you have a Doctorate in Neurology and he is a high school graduate working on a farm? To him, it means a lot. See, it does not matter if you can see eye-to-eye on everything and get into really thought-provoking conversations. To him, you have outdone his efforts. You are smarter.

You make more money. You are the master of the relationship. Though it sounds quite sexist, in a society that conditions men to think they have to be the superior one, your level of education is a very important thing to them. On the flip side, a man might also judge you harshly if you are not up to his level of intelligence. It is quite unfair, wouldn’t you say?

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3 When you hug him tenderly

A man who takes a genuine interest in you is going to want more than just carnal love. Real love is expressed through the most tender and consoling of human interaction: the hug.

Let me refer to a Seinfeld episode on this one. Jerry asks George how the girl hugs him when they meet. Are their hips far apart? See, when you wrap your arms around him, you are giving a message. If you feel awkward, he is going to know… and how you feel around him really does mean a lot.

4 Giving men the surreptitious side-eye

Men secretly love it when women check them out, especially when they know you are interested. It is the adult version of footsie. When he catches you secretly making glances at him, it is quite a thrill.

So next time you are trying to furtively let a guy know that you have the hots for him, give him some naughty side-eye then quickly look away if he manages to catch you.

5 Your body confidence

How you feel in your skin resonates with men on levels you would probably never expect. If you work it, you are going to be slaying hearts left and right.

As long as you love yourself, dress in ways that emphasize your assets, and you live your life to the max, men are going to topple head over heels. Further, he loves knowing that you are confident, because it makes him feel more confident too.

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6 Whether or not you are a wallflower

This does not have to do with looks. This has to do with how your work the room. Do you try to blend in with the crowd? Or do you radiate confidence, charm, and sophistication?

As you speak with others, you unknowingly become a magnet for his eye. A woman who can meet strangers and walk away with new acquaintances after having a light conversation is something men will forever marvel.

How surprising were the things on this list? Were they totally unexpected, or did you have an inkling about what would appear? Though you might think men love women who try to hide their flaws, emotions, and who stay inside all day, you may be wrong. In other words, just be you and attract the guy who sees you for who you truly are.