10 Ideas for Throwing an Epic Valentine’s Day Singles Party

Party; the clue is in the title. There is to be no moping here. If you are single this year, then the International day of love is just as relevant to you. Whether you use this time to employ some self-love and pampering, or nurture some much-loved friendships, there is plenty of fun stuff to do. You do not need a date. Here are ten ideas for throwing an epic singles-friendly party on Valentine’s Day.

1 Travel plans party

Pin your next location on the globe and invite your friends over to do the same. Everyone has a place they have always wanted to visit. So celebrate your lack of emotional ties by planning your next adventure. Get all your party guests to bring a bottle from their country of choice. Just watch out of the Tequila worm!

2 “Describe your ex with a horror movie title” party

Okay, this one is a bit silly, but a really good laugh. You may have seen a meme doing the rounds on Facebook that asks you to describe your last date with the title of a horror movie? Well, here is the extended version. Share your dating-horror stories and watch some scary movies together.

3 Cocktail class

Take a group to a cocktail making evening. Organized ones can be found in most major cities and are so much fun. Or, you can recreate the experience at home.

4 Pamper party

How about a bubble bath party? There is one rule… no negativity. True pampering is all about self-love, and of course, tons of fun.

5 “What did you want to be when you grew up” party

Do you remember being a kid and wanting to be a fireman or a pilot when you grew up? Or, maybe you had a more unusual one? I wanted to be a ballerina, then a vet, and then a pop star.

The idea here is to reawaken some of that childhood fun and dress up as something that you used to find inspiring. It is a real conversation starter and I guarantee that you and your friends will learn something new about each other.

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6 Reunion party

You do not have to wait for your school or college alumni to throw a class reunion to see old friends. Get in touch with those you have drifted from and reconnect. Are you missing someone? Give them a call.

7 Gamers gathering

Are you a gamer? Get some friends together for an online group session. Maybe introduce some non-gamer friends into the mix – it is always good to try new things. What could be less romantic and more singles-friendly than an online mission to save the universe?

8 Single parents play date

For those stuck with the kids and on their own this Valentine’s Day; a kid-friendly get together could be the perfect solution. No one needs to pay a babysitter. The kids can entertain each other, and the adults can relax together.

9 Vision boarding party

These are so much fun. How often have you heard or read about vision boards and thought, “I really must try that?” But life gets in the way and you never get around to it. So get everyone together in one place and make an evening of it. Just for the record, wine greatly improves your creative vision.

10 One for the early birds

Not into late nights? That is fine. How about throwing an epic Valentine’s Daytime get together. You could organize a big walk through some countryside, ending at a cozy bar. Or how about a daytrip to try something new? Maybe roller-skating, horse riding, Segway, or anything you can think of.

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Valentine’s Day does not have to be about alcohol and chocolate, or romantic movies and late nights. You can make it whatever you want it to be. Think about the underlying theme; love. How could you best show yourself and your friends some love? Just make it fun and inclusive. You do not need a date, just bring yourself and have a great time.