8 Wonderful Gifts You Can Give Instead of Flowers

A nice bouquet of flowers is a lovely gift on Valentine’s Day, but it’s not as thoughtful and useful as many of us think. Flowers can brighten your partner’s day, but it’s a temporary happiness. Plus, flowers are much more expensive on Valentine’s Day and they will die in a matter of a few days, which means that your sweetheart will forget about this expensive gift. This year, break the habit of giving flowers to your partner on Valentine’s Day, and opt for a more wonderful gift. Here are a few things you can give on Valentine’s Day instead of flowers.

1 Photograph

Whether it’s a framed photograph of you and your partner (parent, sibling, friend, etc), a personalized coffee mug with your partner’s photo, or a photo collage of the two of you, a photograph is more meaningful than a group of words. Moreover, a photograph can last forever! Choose the best photos and think of the most creative ways to impress your partner with them.