8 Wonderful Gifts You Can Give Instead of Flowers

A nice bouquet of flowers is a lovely gift on Valentine’s Day, but it’s not as thoughtful and useful as many of us think. Flowers can brighten your partner’s day, but it’s a temporary happiness. Plus, flowers are much more expensive on Valentine’s Day and they will die in a matter of a few days, which means that your sweetheart will forget about this expensive gift. This year, break the habit of giving flowers to your partner on Valentine’s Day, and opt for a more wonderful gift. Here are a few things you can give on Valentine’s Day instead of flowers.

1 Photograph

Whether it’s a framed photograph of you and your partner (parent, sibling, friend, etc), a personalized coffee mug with your partner’s photo, or a photo collage of the two of you, a photograph is more meaningful than a group of words. Moreover, a photograph can last forever! Choose the best photos and think of the most creative ways to impress your partner with them.

2 A toy that says ‘I love you’

No, this gift idea is not for kids only. Both women and men can love it too. Maybe you will call me crazy, but I love stuffed animals, though I’m nearly 26. I’m sure I’m not alone. I think a toy that says ‘I love you’ is a better gift than a bouquet of flowers. When your partner will squeeze your Valentine’s teddy bear’s ear or paw and it will say ‘I love you,’ you will certainly see a smile on their face.

3 A love letter

If you have good writing skills, use them to create a love letter for your sweetheart. Just because you don’t have money for buying a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, doesn’t mean you don’t love him. You can also write a love letter to your friend, sibling or parent and send it instead of flowers on Valentine’s Day. The time spent writing a love letter is much more precious than expensive flowers.

4 Chocolates

I know, I know, this gift won’t last for years, but let’s be honest – it’s oh-so delicious! Whether you are going to give chocolates to your boyfriend or girlfriend, they will definitely love it, especially if they have a sweet tooth. After all, who said that guys don’t like chocolates? If they don’t love chocolate, a cake or some candy can be a great option as well.

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5 Fresh fruit bouquets

If your partner doesn’t love chocolates or they are on a diet, a fresh fruit bouquet is an ideal gift for them. It can be anything from unique fresh fruit baskets with oranges, apples, pears, kiwis, banana and mango, to simple chocolate covered strawberries. You can easily make your own fruit basket or buy it, if you can afford this gift. It’s one of the healthiest gift to give on Valentine’s Day.

6 Homemade Valentine’s Day cookies

Homemade Valentine’s Day cookies are easy, quick and fun to make! Send your homemade cookies instead of flowers to show how much you care about your partner. If you’ve never baked any cookies before because of your busy schedules, it’s a great way to show him that he is your priority, not your job. There are many recipes online so it’s not hard to choose the most delicious one. What can be better than freshly baked cookies?

7 Valentine’s Day cards

This one will last forever, of course, if your partner will appreciate it. Now I’m not talking about those Hallmark Valentine’s Day cards. Although they are a wonderful option, it’s always best to make your own cards. Not only will you save some cash, it will be a great surprise for your partner. No matter how busy you are, try to find a few minutes to make your own Valentine’s Day cards for people you love. Write your own little messages to show them the appreciation they deserve.

8 Jewelry

Whether it’s a gold or silver jewelry, or even diamonds, jewelry makes a great gift. This gift can be more expensive than flowers, but it can last for years. If you are looking for a budget-friendly Valentine’s Day gift, consider buying or making a charm bracelet. Most girls and some guys love charm bracelets so you won’t be wrong with that. Necklaces with pendants, watches and rings are all fantastic options too.

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love, care and respect. People used to think that they need to spend lots of money on gifts, but the reality is that you can show your love without spending a penny. Flowers are beautiful, but if you can’t afford them, look for more budget gifts. Don’t forget about free gifts such as smiles and hugs. What gifts do you like to give instead of flowers?