10 Festive and Fun Christmas Gifts

Nov 8, 2019

This year has gone by with a speed that exceeds my imagination. Is it possible that we are now only a little over a month away from Christmas? Do not get me wrong, I love everything about Christmas: The family getting together and making memories, a feast that makes you feel as if you will have to diet until the next Christmas and of course the gathering around the tree with faces that exuberate joy, excitement and yes, peace – for a moment we can forget about all the worries of the world and just enjoy being around loved ones and giving out gifts (as well as receive them).

However, the one dreaded thing that seems to take hours of tedious brainstorming and an insufferable amount of time, especially if you are an impatient person as I am, is Christmas shopping. The dread of walking through a copious amount of stores and shopping isles causes me to cringe as if someone menacing decided to scratch on a chalkboard with their nails with no thought of mercy on how that would make me suffer. Yes, I am an ambivert and this introvert side of me is very strong.

Some hate it and some love it, whichever one you fall under it is never a disadvantage to have a little guidance – or if you fall under the “love” category – some inspiration. Thus, I have compiled a list of festive and fun (plus cheap) Christmas gift ideas you can look at that might help you with that shopping and yes, creative expedition:

1 Marble mugs

Everyone loves a hot drink – whether it is coffee, tea or a nice cup of hot cocoa. Hence, this is a great gift for anyone in your circle and it will not cost you much. All you need is a mug, some nail polish and voila!

You start by pouring the nail polish in a container of warm water, you then take your mug and dip it into the nail polish to create a cool design. You can use a toothpick or wood coffee stirrer to draw on the mug. This looks very trendy and is sure to be a unique winner.