10 Unusual Gifts for Gadget Junkies

Gadgets make great gifts. They are fun, inventive, and often the sort of thing that you would not buy for yourself, which makes them so lovely to receive. But what if the intended recipient of your gift is already a gadget connoisseur? Well, you want to surprise them with your brilliant find, of course.

If you are not a gadget person yourself, then the idea of finding one for your friend, family member or partner might seem daunting at first. But do not let overwhelm ruin your fun; there is plenty of advice around.

Gadgets sold online usually have lots of reviews to guide you, and in a shop, you can ask staff for recommendations. Do not be afraid to just wade in. There is so much on the market now; you will not be short of choice. Here are my top ten fun and unusual gift ideas for gadget junkies:

1 Eyezone massager

Perfect for anyone with excess stress or headaches, so that is pretty much everybody then! This is a device that you wear like an eye mask that soothes around your eyes and temples, with a combination of massage and magnetic therapy.

2 Selfie toaster

No, I am serious. The Vermont Novelty Toaster Corporation can make you a toaster that will burn the image of your photograph onto your toast. If you watch the Big Bang Theory, then you may have seen Sheldon’s Darth Vader toaster and been a little jealous. Go one up and personalize the image on your toast. It could be you, your partner, your pet, just add imagination.

3 Boutique coffee bean grinder

For the caffeine connoisseur, grind your beans at home with these attractive kitchen gadgets. Looks range from modern to retro. Some of them are very unique in appearance – part practical and part decorative. This is the sort of gift that is both novel and practical at the same time.

4 Tracker chip

I have recently indulged in one of these for my cat. GPS tracker chips are small enough to attach to a pet collar, and the tracker software comes in the form of a smartphone app. But it is not just for pets; some people use these to find their house keys too.

5 Petcube

While we are talking about pets, do you miss yours while you are at work? How about scratching the itch to check in on your pet while you are on holiday? The Petcube is a home surveillance device in an attractive cube-shaped unit. And it is not just a camera. It has a two-way speaker system and a built-in laser toy that you can control remotely. Play with your pet from your desk while your boss is not looking.

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6 Sony Waterproof Walkman

Waterproof to a depth of 2 meters and even resistant to salt water, you can swim with your motivational playlist in your ears. It as a tiny, lightweight MP3 player that sits in your ears and fastens at the back of your head. Any sporty person would love this.

7 Blaze Cycle Laser Light

Keep the cyclist in your life safe with a bike light that projects a laser bike symbol onto the road ahead, making them infinitely more noticeable to other road users. These are a really cool idea, and all the cyclists I know love their bike gadgets.

8 FUGOO Speaker

For the hiker, camper, festival-goer or road tripper – a snow-proof, water and shockproof speaker with a battery that lasts 40 hours. This is not an immediately obvious idea when you are trying to think for a gadget gift for an outdoors junkie, making this a creative and surprising gift to receive.

9 FOBO Tire Plus

For the car driver in your life, a Bluetooth tire pressure gauge. Small sensors attach to your tires and send a reading to your smartphone via an app. This is great for a quick pressure check at home before your tires have started to heat up. And really, who likes checking their tire pressure at the garage, assuming you can even park close enough to the machine.

10 Gadgets not included

If all else fails you, use gadgets as a theme for your gift buying. A subscription to a gadget magazine would make a great small gift. Or for something a little flashier, how about tickets to a gadget expo?

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Gadget junkies are a little bit picky when it comes to the gifts. But this holiday season, you know how to surprise those who can’t imagine their lives without technology. Happy shopping and gifting!