7 Thoughtful Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Apr 14, 2016

In 1880, no woman had the right to vote and in most countries a woman was literally no one. It took around 40 years before women could vote and express their opinions. Women’s Day is celebrated all around the world. It reminds everyone, especially men, that women have equal rights and they deserve as much respect as men. And a little gift, of course.

Whether Women’s Day is celebrated in your country or you have no idea about the holiday, empowering other women is a great way to start a new tradition on March 8. Here are powerful and inspiring gift ideas to consider on Women’s Day:

1 Empowering smash book

Who said it is impossible to empower others without spending a dime? You can create your own empowering and inspiring smash books for all the girls you love, respect or simply want to help. You can include some powerful quotes, motivational pictures and infographics. The Internet if full of this stuff. Although it takes some time and effort to create a smash book, knowing that you will make a woman’s day or even change her life is well worth it.

2 Inspiring book

If your schedule is jam-packed and you have some cash for buying a gift for Women’s Day, consider inspiring books. Be it a book about Roxelana (the most powerful woman of the early 16th century) or some of the modern woman-empowerment e-books, this gift will definitely play some role in a woman’s life.

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3 Chocolate tulips

Fresh tulips are beautiful, but chocolate tulips are delicious. Beauty or taste? What is your choice? Anyway, if your mom or friend does not like flowers, consider gifting chocolate flowers like tulips, rose, daisies or whatever you will find in your local store.

4 Potted plants

Can’t imagine Women’s Day without flowers? Potted flowers like roses, gardenia, lavender, orchids, violet etc are the best alternative to fresh flowers. Potted plants are relatively cheap, depending on what kind of flowers you choose. Either way, this thoughtful gift is worth your money.

5 Spa day

Many women have no opportunity to treat themselves to a day at the spa. We girls have much more responsibilities than men have. Even when we have no kids or we are not married, we barely have time to relax. If you are looking for a gift for a woman who can only dream about a day at spa, why not gift her a spa voucher on Women’s Day? She deserves it.

6 Homemade cake or cookies

Store-bought cakes and cookies are scrumptious, but they are loaded with added sugars, fat and additives that are all harmful for health. Homemade cake or cookies may be a healthy gift for Women’s Day that any woman will love. If you have some basic or excellent baking skills, take advantage of them on March 8.

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7 Kitchen appliances

Ready to splurge for a useful Women’s Day gift for your mom or any other woman who is important to you? Consider buying some kitchen appliance that you want she needs. There is a great variety of juicers, blenders, slow cookers, coffee makers, kettles, food processors and many more available out there. Plus, there are many good deals on March

These are awesome Women’s Day gift suggestions that any woman would love to receive. Depending on your budget and time, you can come up with tons of other gift ideas. The only thing to keep in mind when preparing a gift for woman is its usefulness. Your gift should be as thoughtful and inspiring as possible.