10 Gift Ideas for Picky Boyfriends

The festive season can be pressured enough without the added challenge of finding the perfect gift for a picky partner. We want to get them something they will really appreciate, and we might also want to surprise them a little.

So how can we do this without just outright asking them for a detailed list of exactly what they want, right down to the product serial number? Well, of course, you could do this, and it might be wise for a big purchase. But for those little gifts, it is nice to be able to use your creativity a little.

Buying a gift for a picky partner can still be creative; consider it an exercise in thinking outside the box. Just keep the creative expression inside some simple guidelines and you can’t go too far wrong.

Speaking of guidelines, it is definitely worth avoiding anything that has an “acquired taste” element to it. Items like clothing, jewelry or fragrance are extremely hard to get right for a picky person. It can be a minefield with even the most easy-going of us. So steer clear of anything in these categories. Instead, I have ten ideas within two categories for you to consider:

Category 1: Things he can easily exchange

Take the pressure off yourself by choosing something he can redeem or exchange for what he really wants.

1 Amazon vouchers

These are go-to of mine in any situation. Amazon vouchers are beautifully presented, with a card or box of your choice, and can be spent on a huge variety of products.

2 Department store items

Anything from a department store, with its receipt, can be exchanged. The bigger the store the more choice for him.

3 Big retailer items

As with department stores, big chain stores are a safe bet too. Anywhere with a big range and a good returns policy is a safe place to shop.

4 Video games

If he is a gamer, then new games in the chart are a safe bet. These can easily be traded in for a different one, just leave him to it.

5 Books

Our taste in books is very personal to us; however, we display our books on shelves for all to see. Have a good look through to find out his favorite authors, and find one he has not got.

If you do get this wrong, make sure you have purchased from a big chain store so that he can exchange it. It is tempting to buy books from Amazon, but a bit tricky if you get the wrong one. With a bookstore, he can walk in with the receipt and browse for himself.

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Category 2: The element of surprise

How about getting him something he did not even know he wanted?

6 Gadgets

Fun and unusual, these are the sorts of things that we do not often buy for ourselves. Let the online reviews guide you. Remember that those people who take the time to write long reviews are the most discerning among us, so use them for guidance.

7 Gift an experience

How about an experience as a gift? In the UK, Go Ape is hugely enjoyable. Or maybe he would love to drive a sports car on a racing track?

8 Something crafty

For the beer enthusiast, how about a home beer brewing kit to keep him quiet?

9 Recreate a memory

One year I tracked down a foreign beer supplier in London who stocked a Norwegian beer that my boyfriend at the time had fallen in love with while on holiday in Norway. Has your partner been somewhere that he loved? Could you find a native product to surprise him with?

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10 Concert tickets

He will not say no to his favorite band. And he probably will not see this coming either. Instant girlfriend points for you.

I hope this gives you some fresh ideas. Just remember to avoid the “acquired taste” gifts, and have fun thinking outside the box. What is the best gift idea you ever came up with? Please do share in the comments below, I would love to hear your ideas.