10 Unusual Mother’s Day Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Some children will never stop being the ones that bring Mom a warm home for Mother’s Day instead of flowers. What, you never did that as a kid? Anyway, throughout the years, thinking of gifts to bring your beloved mother on her special day gets more challenging, because she is more than a box of chocolates or spa socks. This year, get creative and unusual and make your mom gasp – with delight – from her Mother’s Day gift.

1 Personalized pencils or pens

Is you mom a writer, artist, doodler, or just someone who goes through a lot of pens and pencils? Then she needs personalized writing utensils as soon as possible. You can choose her favorite color and design, inscribe in them her name, or even some of her most beloved things. Get creative. Think weekdays, happy thoughts, or words that you two use often to evoke precious memories and awesome writing or drawing.

2 DIY phone cover

Whether you make it, or you give Mom the goods and handwritten instructions on how to piece everything together, nothing says I love you more than a personalized phone cover. Plus, if your mother has butterfingers or is always putting her phone in places where it can get lost, then a handcrafted phone cover is just what she needs. If you make it, consider embroidering or adding design elements that speak for the heart or target her personal tastes.

3 A food or drink tour

If you live in an area with a city or location that attracts tourism, then you have a hub of food and drinks that may be going untested by you and your mother. Nothing beats going out to lunch or sharing some tasty cocktails on Mother’s Day and catching up, but meeting other people and perusing the alleys of a vast city? How awesome would that be? Go ahead, sign Mom and yourself up for a city food or drink crawl. You will have loads of fun.

4 Custom artwork

Even if you are not artistic, drawing up a custom portrait of the both of you – cartoonish or not – says a lot. Add in quotes or elements from the best memories, like the book she used to read to you at night, or a background from one of your best vacations together. If you cannot think of an idea, there is no harm in outsourcing someone from Fiverr to come up with the artwork for you. Check around, there are plenty of artists who can breathe life into your idea.

5 Personalized yoga mat

A lot of companies are now coming out with the option for designing the patterns that appear on your yoga mat or choosing between various materials and plushiness. Listen to Mom’s wants and needs whenever she talks about yoga, think about her favorite colors, then whip up a stunning yoga mat that will wow her each time she unfurls it.

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6 Tibetan singing bowl

Does your mom love yoga and meditation? A Tibetan Singing Bowl will add a touch of OM to her routine. All she has to do is strike it with the included mallet or run the wooden edge around the rim of the bowl to produce enchanting sounds.

7 Gardener’s folding chair

Some moms spend their time tending to a garden now that the children (you) have flown the coop. A gardening folding chair is just what mom needs to perch at a healthy height to comfortably yank weeds and plant new flowers. Plus, many folding chairs have stowing compartments for included tools.

8 LED wine glass

Whether you add the bottle of wine to go with this trippy goblet is up to you. The color-changing glass is going to add a new element of beauty to sipping wine that mom is sure to enjoy.

9 Bonsai tree growing kit

Like raising a child, growing a bonsai tree takes time, constant attention and a whole lot of love. It may be just what mom needs! Most growing kits come with in-depth directions, several pots, and all the appropriate materials needed to get started. Why not include a hand-painted pot to deliver the kit in?

10 Personalized bamboo wall clock

Some are hand-carved, others are laser-engraved. Either way, how much or how little detail you want to be put onto the wall clock is up to you. You can even design the face yourself then send it to someone who can fabricate the entire clock for you then ship it directly to your mother. Choose from different carving styles, fonts, wood shades, and shapes to make a unique time-keeping piece.

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While these are not the typical mud pie gifts you used to bring home to your mom to either scare or charm her, these gifts will certainly make her smile. Unusual gifts are the best because she will not know what to expect. But you get the satisfaction of knowing that not only did the thought count, the item or experience is one-hundred percent worthwhile.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!